Weird side effect from low bg

Why is any of this shocking? Like stu said without the proper amount of glucose your brain can't function properly. The side effects though fairly easy to treat from low blood sugar can be mentally devastating. When I'm in my car its the worst. I feel like someone left me in a deserted place and everything around me looks dreary. I get morbid like thoughts and everything seems overwhelming and depressing. I believe low and high sugars can very well cause bi-polar/schizophrenia like symptoms. The physical symptoms are much more tolerable then the mental.I was trending low for quite a few hours today and boy was it horrible. I'd rather have a toothache.

??I would have had something to eat if I'm "trending low" for like 20 minutes? I know that sometimes things happen to remove your focus and a more severe low can creep up on you and all that but why not treat the low? I would rather have jellybeans than a toothache?

i get mad at every little thing when im low. someone can say hi to me and i yell at them

Yep and PLEASE don't tell me to check my bs. That WAR!!! LOL!

yeh my lows are very much like what u described...they only got like this more recently..when i first got diagnosed i just got shakey n out of it w light beam flashes across my eyes. now i get very emotional n go threw things i cnt put into words..its been a rough 5 yrs ughhh

doris! hahaha me too. or when i seem drunk from a low n i get told to 'sit" apparently i dont like tht command either hahaha

i see "red" sometimes when im low...i pray my worst enemy will walk threw the door so i can unload lol!

lol one low night ( i was in the 30s)i woke my bf up n he quicklygrabbed me orange juice...apparently i sat on the floor w him n asked him why the oj was red? lol he was nervous n concerned but now we laugh about it lol

Me Too! Another I'm bad at is when I'm told to eat something. Ugh my hubby might wind up wearing it. I'm bad what can I say??? LOL!

I'm uaually a nice person. But when I start going low.......I'm not! LOL!

My behavior when low varies. Sometimes I do get weepy and frustrated. Other times, I get tipsy and sort of giggly. Sometimes I get really angry, but that doesn't happen too often. Other times, I get an intense desire to just go to sleep, and this one scares me the most because my spouse has had to practically force juice down my throat during these episodes. I've noticed the "sleepy" lows are more likely to occur after intensive exercise and the weepy/frustrated ones are more likely to happen on the weekends. I have no idea why.

hmmm i get angry and upset when having low sugar...

When any of us are truly low OUTSMARTING us is exactly like outsmarting a three year old in the middle of a wicked temper tantrum.

You just have to be sneaky, but firm ; )


"...Come on babe... this juice tastes weird to me, finish it for me, tell me what you think of the flavor... it's new..."

"... you drink ALL of that before I do and I'll (you fill in the blank; cook your favorite breakfast in bed, take you to that dopey movie you wanted to see, wear those sexy Pj's... whatever is required to get "compliance")... on your mark, get set, GOOOO... "

All kinds of ways to play this game...

That's wierd. I don't think about that stuff at all when I'm stoned on insulin. I have the munchies. I think the thing for the "helpers" to do is to get the food with carbs out and don't talk about it. Talking makes those echoey things and gets the trains of quasithought going. I have the munchies though and if something is put in front of me, I'll probably eat it. If you talk about how I need to eat it, it's probably even odds that I'll throw it at you and make a big mess.

i had a low today in the grocery store n i get this "haze" where i dont have the stop button on eating. i grabbed a big bag of sour patch kids n ate them all in about a min n a half. and in that time..not once did i think..hmmmmm im prob now taking too much sugar...i cld not control it. very odd. if im very low n someone is trying to hand me food or oj to help me n is kinda pushy (but ofcourse in a concerned way) i wanna kill them lol i def agree completly w ur reply acidrock23!

i have definatly gotten drunk like symptoms. its quite a buzz, then mood swings follow..but not all the time....i get completly EXHAUSTED after a low..but not during, im so shakey n anxious during a low

Paranoia = it happened to me last night

Hello Acidrock23:

(Imagining a GIANT pile of river rocks hanging out, over our heads... LOL)

Ok, that kind of low, if you or I ain't "playing nice", resistant, defiant, weepy, dopey whatever the case might be. How do you trick you/I to take something... what do you do to convince them, if they "resist"...?


I agree completely…the idea of wearing an external device 24/7 is just not appealing to me in the least.