Weird things kids say and do

hello i know many kids who do and or say weird things!!! so post some things your kids or even some kids you know do or say!!!!

How about my granddaughter calling a peeled banana a banana flower?

how cute!!!

my sis sits in her room and says" nobody can take it , nobody can take it. oh my god wwwwhhhhhyyyyyy!!! " that is after we take away food after shes been eating non stop im like omg really really

Kids say the darnest things. LOL!

i know

my sis just came out of her room saying that " nobody can take it , nobody can take it. oh my god wwwwhhhhhyyyyyy!!! " whent to the frige and saw that i put what she wanted at the top so she said " this cant be happening too me"

This is more sweet than silly… My daughter just said to my son that she likes him everywhere, at the playground, etc etc (she proceeded to make a list of places). What a nice and different way to say she cares about him, always.

When I was student teaching, a second grader asked me, “Mrs.B, were you born in the 1800s or the 1900s?”

I work in a school and the things “kids” say never cease to make me giggle. That said, Shae, I think the kids are probably your age :slight_smile:

One of my favorites was at my first teaching job. I had been there a couple years, so I was, maybe, 24. A kid (16?) asked “how old are you?” and I knew it’d be good for a chuckle so I said “how old do you think I am?”. He proceeded to tell me that the head teachers at our school (who were, maybe, 50) must be at least 70 or 80 so, I must be at least 50! Age is all relative, huh!

I also had two boys say to me last year “Miss, your eyes are really pretty, huh?” How do you respond to that?! So I told them, I guess. :slight_smile: I think it is because I work in such a heavily Latino area and eye have really light green eyes. Just different.

I’ll remember to come back and add next time the make me smile!

My five year old asks for, “a turkey sandwich without the turkey”.
I guess he is the youngest self taught vegetarian that I know. The sandwich still has lettuce, avocado, cheese.

Hahahaha!! These are all cute and funny!!!

There are soooo many that I have from my kids, but here’s my two favorite.

My daughter use to say “Stinkerbell” instead of “Tinkerbell”!! We never corrected her. giggle She eventually grew out of it.

My son says “diabooboos” instead of “diabetes”. (he’s 4 1/2 yrs)

Bonus: My son and I were on our way to pick up my daughter from summer camp. We were walking and I told him that we needed to hurry. So, he picks up the pace for about 10 seconds and then begins to slow down again, puts his palms on his knees and while huffing and puffing says, “Mama, you need to slow down! I think I have a low blood sugar!”

I’m an elementary school teacher. On my birthday a few years ago, my students asked, “how old are you?” I told them 50 and said, “but I don’t look it, do I?” "Oh, no, " said a six year old, “you look MUCH older than that!”

LOL! Lots of Funny Kids. :slight_smile:

I remember one day in July(hot as heck) and we got stuck in a traffic jam for 20 minutes(no a/c). My 8 year old Son said, “If we don’t get out of this mess, I’m going to jump out of the window”. To which my bored and grumpy 4 year old Daughter spouted, “Go ahead. Make my day”.

My Hubby and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I found out later that she had snuck downstairs after I was asleep and she watched tv with DAD!! I was wondering…

Question, where does CHOCOLATE MILK come from…

A duh, CHOCOLATE COWS of course… (you know the brown ones)


My 2 year-old cousin like person (mom’s friend’s kid) once told me this “the bunnies are jumping into the cake and then they were like 'Oh no man over bored.” Shes so cute

Both my sons used to say “Bob-bob Da-dance” instead of Spongebob Squarepants when they were younger.

Too funny! i guess its because six year olds WANT to be older than they are :slight_smile: LOL

When I was in my 40’s and 50’s my high-school kids used to ask me how old I was, so I always said 83, so they’d tell me how good I looked for my age. But darn if they didn’t believe me!!

And my son used to say we went up in the “alligator” meaning elevator.