My kids are sabotaging my diet plan

My kids are the greatest things in the world and I love them to death but the little rascals are doing major damage to my diabetic diet plan and I am beginning to think it is by design.

Last night at the dinner table, as usual am trying to cox my 2 year old into eating his dinner and I say the most typical line that I have heard from other parents countless of times.

" Do you know that there are kids in Africa starving right now coz they don't have enough to eat ?" I said and the significance of it all did not dawn on me until my oldest who is nine quickly asked " Hey dad did you starve all the time growing up"?

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Kids and our diet! What can we say? Mine are now 20 and 21 but my 2 year old granddaughter thinks ANYTHING she puts in her mouth I should try too! Do you know how many Easter Bunnys I’ve gotten a taste of in the last week! HA! (The chocklet ones I mean)

I dread holidays especially Easter and Halloween coz you always sample thinking its Ok then you look up and you have consumed way too many carbs lol.