Went to pick up insulin for my wife

Which is covered under Medicare B and because of new Social Security number new DME forms must be submitted or you get nothing

More fun times - they delight in making lives miserable

Update - the pharmacy uses 3rd party to bill medicare

I think the problem lies therein

Little unclear about your post. What actually happened? What is the problem?

I thought Part B only covered insulin when used in a pump.

Medicare’s NEW cards do NOT use Social Security numbers,so what are you referring to as “new Social Security number”?

I would assume he meant the new Medicare ID number, which the 3rd party also now needs to know to do billing.

I don’t assume anything. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0248-do-you-need-new-social-security-number

Some folks DO get new socials. Maybe not your everyday thing, but it does happen. Let’s let tony clear this up, rather than conjecturing?

I meant the new medicare number - sorry for the confusion

When I went for Insulin for my wife I had to fill out a new CMS-10125 (external pump form) even thou she had been getting insulin thru med-b for years - they said a new form was necessary - that being done, the usual free insulin turned out to be 183 dollars (the medicare deductible)

After 83 phone calls it turns out the pharmacy uses some 3rd party to bill medicare and they demand the 183 dollars because her new medicare number reflects that deductible was not paid.

I believe I posted in haste blaming medicare when the pharmacy is to blame

Not understanding the demand for a new CMS-10125 thou

You’re cool. I get your frustration.

Dave44: My husband and I got new Medicare part b numbers automatically.

Maybe find a new supplier for her insulin? Or, just sit back and see how it all works out?

System changes can be difficult.

Did you have to pay another deductible because of the new number?:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


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Not yet, and I am not going to. The pharmacy knows I paid it once - the folks who do their medicare work know - On Monday the pharmacy is going to try to the corporate folks to override it

The say I can pay it and several weeks later get it back - not gona happen

Sheep get slaughtered - tired of being a sheep

Do you realise the insanity

we know you paid it because for the last 6 month you been getting it free yet we want you to pay it so we can give it back

Again - this is the pharmacy and NOT MEDICARE

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Gotcha. :+1:. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve been on a pump for 15 months and Medicare 19 YEARS. They just started paying for my insulin. Another snafu where a clerical error said because I bought my pump and not them, it didn’t qualify as ‘being on a pump.’ :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

Hope this number change doesn’t reset deductibles for anyone. My Pharmacy gets flustered if it rains, so I’m a lil worried.:grin:

I should have never posted - nothing to see

It is the pharmacy and the company it employs to submit claims to medicare.

I just printed the medicare page where the deductible was carried over

Medicare was actually very helpful when I called - I did not know they were open on Saturday

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Whenever I had a problem that was blamed on Medicare, I called Medicare. They invariably did a super job of sorting things out. Many things are blamed on Medicare that are the fault of pharmacies or insurance companies. Medicare has always been extremely helpful, polite and bent over backwards to straighten things out. Don’t hesitate to phone Medicare and ask them. Do not allow yourself to become a ping pong ball bounced from pillar to post by these “health” companies. Get the straight information right from the horse’s mouth… Medicare.

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I think it is good that you posted.

During this transition to the new Medicare cards and ID, there will likely be MANY problems like this. I’m sure that many computer systems had to be updated, and for some time will have to be able to process both the old way and new way.