We're all Toxic Now

I just heard an interview on the radio with the author of “Body Toxic”. It’s about all the toxins we carry around in ourselves, many of which are cumulative. I highly recommend checking it out of the library if you can’t buy it—especially parents—all these things have a greater impact on little bodies and it’s never too early or late to try to minimize intakes where one can. Here’s the link to the book at Powell’s:


It’s a huge problem- I think a lot of it comes from the food we eat. For example, scientists found that 100% of school children have unacceptable levels (as defined by the FDA) of more than a dozen toxic pesticides, all coming through in the food. Vegetables are sprayed with wild amounts of pesticides, and our meat is dangerous too- commercially farmed animals eat some pretty funky stuff. And then there’s this new bpa issue- the inside of your can of soup probably has unsafe levels of this carcinogenic plastic. I started writing about this kind of thing, have a look at my website if you’re curious. I just finished an article about meat.

Thank you very much Judith for bringing this serious concern to all of us,new generations are in great danger and parents have to be alarmed.

Thanks Judith, you’re too kind

NIH announces first National Children’s Study enrollments.

The AP (10/4) reported that a number of research facilities and hospitals throughout the nation are continuing to participate in The National Children’s Study, which "aims to learn how the environment and other factors affect youngsters’ health, especially development of such conditions as autism, asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes, and obesity."
The study, which “started in 2004,” is the “largest human health study ever undertaken,” tracking eventually some 100,000 children, the Detroit Free Press (10/4, Satyanarayana) noted. More and more schools are getting involved. For instance, Michigan State University has just “won a $57-million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)” to “select women in July 2010 who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant,” and follow their “children from birth to age 21.”