What a Christmas!

After cooking at 7:30pm, I check my BG if it is ok to eat, 122... good... as directed by my endo, took metformin and waited 30mins... after 30mins meet the family in the dining... I felt weird, can't explain the feeling... when I put the food in my mouth, I could not feel the food... then i thought maybe I'm low... but before going to my room to test, I grab a piece of toblerone and put it in my mouth... when I prick my finger I didn't feel a thing! NUMB! I panic... I told my family my fingers are numb, I was freaking out, t'was the first time I ever experience such... it sucks... is numbness a usual thing for lows? my usual symptoms are shaking and confuseness...

I have been vocal of telling that I have nervousness (hypochondriac)... I can't handle stress, one slight differences I felt in my body freaks me out... I don't know why... even if I tell myself to calm down... I can't...

It's Christmas day, What a Christmas!!!

I sometimes get numbness from lows depending on how bad it is. My numbers have been great today as well, was 140 first thing this morning took my morning insulin and ate biscuit and gravy, before lunch i was 120, took my insulin, gave myself about 5 units extra because I was having so many carbs, 2 hours later it was 88. Getting ready to check it now so I can have some dinner.

Merry Christmas and how yours was great. Oh yea it probably helped that I got involved in a massive snowball fight for 2 hours with my cousins after lunch as well. And none of us had the clothing for the snowball fight. LOL I was out there in just a sweater, jeans, and tennis shoes.

Just curious. How low were you when you felt numb?

a minute or two… or 3 to 5 minutes? i don’t know… but as far as I could remember it was quick, I am not sure now if its because of lows or just merely nervousness… .after I ate chocolate and sweet salad, went back to normal… (I got episodes of panic attack sometimes without serious reasons… why? do you have the same experience?

Again I say that panic and nervousness do not make you a hypocondriac!! These are real symptoms of anxiety disorders. They can be treated in a number of ways. I recommend that you check out the group Dharma Ds. Peace, Jan