The Turkey Day!

Hello!! fellow T.u. members and community,Well my day started off to a good start my blood sugar was 77. So i eat breakfast as usual did my insulin . And decided to go back to sleep for awhile. Than I woke up and was feeling out of the sorts. So tested again before i got ready to go to lunch. It was a 48. So I HAD WON A CAKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 20.And i said this is the perfect time to have it. Well i was half ready to go.Well we get to the place 12:15. And was in Trouble!!! big time beacase they were sitting there waiting. We explain why and they did not care they said phone call would do.Funny thing is one is type 1 and other is type 2. You think they would know this picture clearly? NOT!!! this will go down as THE WORST THANKSGIVING EVER!!!Not even prayer.UNBELIVEABLE!! Well thanks for letting me vent. Love ya guys. Melissa

sorry you had a bad time. a little compassion at a time like this would be nice from the ones who are supposed to love you most and best.

Melissa: I can relate to what you’re saying. Many times
I would go to bed only to wake up my blood sugar levels
get very low like 40. Over the years the symtoms of low blood sugar have somewhat changed. When I was young
would have sweats and confusion.Now it becomes a increase in heart rate which prompts me to wake up and get something to eat. Word of advice the fastest thing to
get you out of low blood sugar episode is chocolate frosting. Place on lips and you get instant relief and if you don’t have that then orange juice and sugar.