What a difference decent insurance makes

Today I filled a new insulin prescription and for the first time used Eric’s new Anthem card. Get this: a supply of Humalog that should last us for the better part of six months cost me $9.00.


The prescription was for insulin pen refills, which our clinic gave us (even though we don’t use a pen) because we told her we didn’t want to waste so much insulin. We throw away almost 8 mL each month with the 10 mL bottle, and the waste was upsetting to us. We can still mix diluted insulin out of the smaller 3 mL vials no problem, so she prescribed what would be a 75-day supply for an adult–it will last us considerably longer. I have no idea how much this would cost us if not for the insurance but with it, we paid less than $10 to see us through almost till Eric’s third birthday.

While I’m delighted by this savings–and SO relieved that the weight has been lifted from my pocketbook–there is a part of me that is outraged on behalf of the people who lack insurance and have to pay through the nose for insulin and supplies. There but for the grace of my employer went I, not ten days ago. It just isn’t right that healthcare and necessary, life-saving drugs should be the purview of the lucky few who have decent insurance policies.

Great news Elizabeth! Glad that you we able to get the insulin pen refills.

One point about those is that you do not need to inject air into it before drawing insulin into the syringe, the pressure will just pull the stopper in. Just wanted to make sure someone has told you that. I think that not injecting the air makes the insulin last longer as well!

I have Anthem BCBS and it is wonderful. I am glad it is working for you
Be loved

I AGREE 100% … I am really lucky I mean best plan ever … I am on my moms insurance till im 23 (1 year from now in july) … I just got into the Superwell Program ALL of my testing suplies are FREE … no out of pocket, it’s crazy. I mean w0w.

You have it right … “It just isn’t right that healthcare and necessary, life-saving drugs should be the purview of the lucky few who have decent insurance policies.”

If not for my moms insurance we qould be pay all of it and I would not be on the pump (Comes in 2 Days w00t!!)

wow that is awesome! i pay almost 700 a month for my meds :frowning:

Me too!! I just refilled my prescription for the first time since being insured. I had the same feeling as you; I felt relieved to not break the bank at the pharmacy…and upset that people (like Ryan) have it so rough.

It’s a shame that you must be wealthy to be healthy.

No one told me about the stopper but I found out on first try :slight_smile: I am completely LOVING the fact that it’s no longer breaking the bank, but it’s bittersweet. All I can do is keep pounding away at my senators & state reps not to give into the pharma and insurance lobbyists… write, write, WRITE your Congresspeople!