Just really need some prayers/good thoughts sent my way is all. Worst day in a while

Before TL;DR, at least read the last line.

I've been cut from my current state assistance health insurance because "I'm not disabled and therefore do not require any sufficient medication." I'm mentally exhausted after years of fighting for decent health insurance with them and I do not enjoy the term disabled or do I enjoy applying for disability when at this stage in my life, I do not consider myself disabled (excluding extreme highs and lows). It's not a pride thing, I would really just like to save that national reserve for the people who legitimately NEED it/the time in my life that I may need it.

I'm currently in the process of jumping onto my mother's health insurance (I'm only 22 so, hopefully this still works even though I'm married) which would cover most of my stuff for about $400 dollars a month. This is legitimately a financial stretch for me considering I'm in college full time working towards a very medically intensive major. I live on my own, have bills, and live the life of an adult while living on an income that is usually provided for teens still living with their parents in college.

I'm on the Accu-Chek Combo insulin pump, Humalog insulin, and Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strips. I have no idea how long (or even if it will happen) the new insurance prospect will take. I could really use some advice as far as health insurance plans/donations for these supplies/where to get these supplies for very cheap. I cannot, NOT have health insurance. I need it as a clinical rotation requirement for college.

Also, if you have a moment, I would really appreciate a prayer (or a good thought if prayer is not your thing).

Thanks guys.

I don't know anything about insurance in your country, but I will surely send you a (((((Hug))))) from across the ocean.

That's a tough situation to be in. I suspect that if a huge amount of politically motivated turmoil surges through the health insurance industry in the next few years, there are going to be a lot of people going through this. I would be $@#&*@ if I didn't have all my gear, etc. Like many other things, I think that diabetes should receive some type of special tax exemption status, we pay a lot of money to stay alive.

*tree pose*

I will definitely say some prayers for you Ashley.

Roche (accu-chek) is a pretty nice company to call and talk with or even email about your situation. I know when I called them and asked about getting their data reader from them and they were out of stock, the rep actually sent me one that he had put aside for comps for doctors, and he didn't charge me for it. :) Who knows, maybe tell them that while you are trying to get onto this new insurance you need supplies that you just can't afford at the moment. If anything, maybe they'll send you a discount card to use. I got the discount for test strips for my Nano. I never have to pay more than 15$ for them when I refill, which is nice. Might be worth a shot. :)

Our insurance coverage for our kids runs till they are 26 or want to be dropped. It used to be 21, but I think the ACA (Affordable Care Act) had something to do with the age being raised. Just like the preexisting condition being removed now. So that being said, here's hoping that you can get on your mom's insurance. :) and some prayers coming at ya!


My prayers go out for you! You might call Roche and ask if there are any programs to help get free or low cost supplies

Prayer delivered!

While you're getting insurance worked out, check out the Lilly humalog free trial. A full box of 5 300U humalog pens -- worth about $650. You can pull the insulin out of them just like a vial. go here: Humalog Free Trial

Nothing to add other than sorry that really sucks. Hang in there.

Hi Ashley,

You'll in my prayers. I don't believe that the Affordable Care Act excludes young adults who are married from the right to be covered by their parent's plan. There is a coupon available for you to get 5 free Humalog pens with a prescription. You might be able to just use the pens as if they were vials and draw the insulin for you pump. You might have to change test strips to keep costs low if your plan doesn't include the Aviva in its preferred category. If Free Style strips are available on your mother's plan, I believe that there is a program that keeps your co-pay to a minimum.

Good Luck,


Hope it will work out! Hugs


I was approved to be on my moms insurance plan! This is good news!
It will definitely be a financial stretch, but I'm really thankful I will have insurance. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers!

you are very welcome. :) Good luck with everything!

You should still take advantage of that Humalog offer (IMO, everyone taking Humalog should). 'Stuff is good for 18 months in the fridge, and it's never a bad idea to have some pens around as backup...

I'll definitely add that to my list of "things to get organized with new insurance". I have a fairly decent stockpile, but I feel I can never have enough. This situation really scared me!

Yeah, and the stuff's good for 18 months in the fridge. Worst case you end up using it when it's getting close, and put your latest prescription fill of insulin on the shelf for 18 mo.

That's my plan when Feb 2015 rolls around :-)

I'm glad you got on your mom's insurance and it worked out well :) I think I'm going to try apidra too since they're giving it away for free why not, it never hurts to have some extra for emergencies etc. I'm not sure what you're on but novolog also has a coupon offer so you pay a reduced copay for pens for 3-4 x.

I've always used humalog. But from what I've read, the differences between the three major brands are so minor that I think it would be a good idea to stock pile them for emergency times. Any insulin is better than none!

Hang in there! I didn't read through all the comments, but I wanted to mention the Lilly Cares program. It's a fantastic program my husband had to enroll in when neither one of us had a job and couldn't come out of pocket with 2k every month for insulin. I was glad to hear you got on your mothers' insurance!

Hope things keep getting better for you.

that's good, yes for sure!

I still have to do the novolog coupon thing, just go to their website and then you ask your insurance(when it starts) if they will do it directly if not, then you send the info to novolog and they reimburse you.

Glad to hear you were able to figure everything out. One piece of advice / guidance for you. Strongly recommend you get the free pens if you can. The one thing you can't do is to fill your cartridge from your pen. You have to transfer the pen's insulin to a vial first. Remember to vent the vial as there will be a huge pressure build-up due to the transfer. I have been doing this with Novolog pens since I started pumping.


I used up all my Apidra pens by just drawing the insulin into the cartridge with no problem, Mike.