What a morning

It’s been an interesting morning. One week after being diagnosed, I woke this morning not feeling well and my eyes were really blurry. Went in to see doc and he checked my BS. The meter just read HI. They had to call the meter company and find out that it was 600+.

So now I am at the diabetes specialists office getting my first shot of insulin.

Down to 552 now.

It sounds like your doctor diagnosed you, handed you a few pages of diet instructions and sent you home? Happens all too often. I wonder when a doctor doesn’t know that “HI” on a glucose meter isn’t it being friendly but saying you’re over 600. NOT used to diabetes treatment in any case.
Incidentally I take it that you’re the one on the left seen in the picture here? Helps to have some idea how old someone is, since doctors can get real confused what Type (1 or 2) you have.
Did he start you on pills a week ago, expecting that would do it, or just diet? Reason I ask is that it has been know to happen that doctors believe someone over 20 years old or so MUST be a Type 2 (formerly called Adult Onset) diabetes, but it’s possible to develop either normal Type 1 (formerly Juvenile Onset) or LADA (Latent Auto-immune Diabetes in Adults) diabetes at any age. Point is the treatment is totally different since the latter 2 can only be treated with insulin, but if you are a Type 2 that just wasn’t treated enough for needs by now insulin could be used to get you started, regardless of what later treatment might be able to use.
Anyway, let us know what happens when things settle down a bit.

No last week when I went in, my primary doc put me on some meds to just keep me out of the hospital with the intent to follow up. But said to come in the minute I thought it was not getting better. When I went in this morning he saw how high it was and immediately sent me to a specialist right down the road. They got me in and got me the insulin injection and then started testing the crap out of me. After the testing, while waiting for it to go down, the new doc came in and talked at great length about what was happening and what we were going to do to take care of it.

I liked that. It wasn’t what I was going to do, it was what WE were going to do. He had a educator come in and go over diet and exercise and how to count carbs, etc. I was very pleased. I feel a lot better now about this then I did yesterday.

Michael - it sounds like you on a good road to getting things in hand with your support team! How are you feeling about injecting? Are you using the pen needle? If you are - it has finer gauge of needle (32g if you use the short ones like I do). Teflon coated - and they just go in smoothly (I like to say I could fry an egg on one of them ).
Keep us posted - and you know where to come to if you’ve got questions / beefs / jokes / you name it!!!
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