What a relief

The first thought I had when diagnosed, and one that has occupied my mind much of every day since-- is that with this condition, and the insulin regimen I now have to manage, that I would be unable to pass the annual physical required to maintain my professional license. I have heard a number of horror stories about others in my field losing their license due to health issues, particularly when serious medications are required.

After jumping through all the hoops, I recieved the letter from the powers that be (the federal government) last week. Appearently I get to keep my license after all. I can not even begin to explain what a huge relief this is. My house had been for sale because I wasn't confident I'd be able to continue paying the mortgage. I had been pouring through job listings every day, realizing more and more that I only had one skill, and one that did not transfer well to pretty much anything else...

For the first time in months, I can sleep soundly at night knowing that this illness won't destroy my life and the financial security of my family.

That's a freaking HUGE accomplishment!! Congratulations on your tremendous success!!

I'm so happy for you! Diabetes is not quite the monster it use to be...we're winning one step at a time.

That's great Sam, Im glad its all worked out well for you. Nothing is worse than when your whole life is up in the air.

Great news for you and your family!

Awesome, Sam! I am really happy and relieved for you.

excellent news, very happy for you!

Thanks guys. We have come a long way, as a group. Very few years ago they didn't even let people taking insulin drive commercial trucks. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the people who came before, and made the arguement that insulin doesn't or shouldn't limit anyone's capabilities. I hope we continue to make proggress on that front.

Wonderful news!!!

I agree we really have come a long way, and the sky's the limit to what we can do.