What a waste of time


Yesterday my new doctor told me I never had hypothyroidism. I have been taking this med for over 10 YEARS!!! Ok so I didn’t take it daily but I took most days. Still it was such a pain in my a** to take that damn pill and go get blood tests, see a doctor, get a sonogram blah blah blah. Ok have a good day every1, maury is on I gotta go! :slight_smile:


What were all those pills and blood tests doing if you didn’t have it? I mean, if you were taking the pills and getting blood tests, wouldn’t the tests show too low levels of TSH?


Well at least that’s one less thing to worry about. My friend had the same thing happen, because of an estrogen replacement she was taking.


Honestly I dont know why no one picked up on this sooner. Doctors are incompetant i guess. Atleast its not another $25 a month that I have 2 put down for some stupid pills. I dont have birth control anymore. I got an IUD a few years back- I have never had kids, but it was the only way my blood presuure would go down.


That just seems scary to me. Having too much thyroid medication can mess up your reproductive system. It must be nice to go to the doctor and find out you’re NOT sick for once though.


the previous doctor I was seeing told me don’t come back!- he didnt know what was going on. my current doctor is atleast trying to get me into a diabetes center but he was honest and from the beginning he told me his expereince is limited, atleast hes trying to get me into a diabetes center that has all the works which is much more then other dr.'s have done. maybe theres a brain drain in NYC.
you know what they call the C student in med school… DOCTOR!