What are normal mmol levels

Hi new here. I am wondering if one 12.2 post meal reading means diabetics?
Seeing Dr tomorrow. I have been testing my sugar . Levels jump around for 4.1 lowest to 7.7

The symptoms are bad irritable tired tired insacious appetite always need a drink

Hope I learn so good stuff here
Would love to hear some stories

Also can’t loose wait keep gaining. I hope once diagnosed this gets better

thanks to all

oops I mean can’t loose weight lol

You probably also can't lose weight ("loose" is what your pants are when you DO lose weight!)

Ok, sorry for being the grammar police! 12.2 (219) is a reading that it would be very unusual for a non-diabetic, but it alone does not mean you are diagnosed with Diabetes. Glad you are seeing the doctor; he will do an A1C (an average of blood sugars for three months) and maybe an OGTT which gives you a high sugar drink then tests your response over a couple hours. Then he will determine if you can be diagnosed. I encourage you to start learning on here about diet and exercise and do keep us informed.

I'm just working from memory here and I know there are specific numbers for diagnosis. The American Diabetes Association publishes a standard of care for diabetes each year. This is from a table in the 2013 report that shows the diagnosis thresholds.

Here is my general sense (just a layman with 30 years D) of good blood glucose ranges:

Fasting (upon waking): 3.9 mmol/l (70 mg/dl) to about 6.9 mmol/l (125 mg/dl), with 3.9 - 5.6 being healthier numbers.

Post-meal: <= 7.8 mmol/l (140 mg/dl) at 2 hours.

To convert mg/dl to mmol/l just divide mg/dl by 18.

To convert mmol/l to mg/dl just multiply mmol/l by 18.


I was told fasting should be between 4-6, and 2 hours after meals about 6-8. 12.2 is uncomfortably high, but how long after eating was the reading taken?

I found it much easier to lose weight once I was on medication and diet to treat my high sugar. I lost 20 kilograms in 6 months! I hope it works that way for you too.