What are your favorite meals?

I’ve been using dried minced onions in place of regular. There’s no carb count on the bottle but I figure it has to be less because i use so much less. Green onions sounds like a good idea also.

For recipes I use this http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php because you can cut/paste ingredients in along with number of servings. Fast & easy. Other than that, I use EatSmart scale. For dinners out, I’m pretty good at estimating.

Jarred red peppers I get at the supermarket have no sulfites or preservatives. Just a regular brand, nothing fancy. Muir Glen brand has fire roasted organic tomatoes. Their cans are even lined. My local grocery has a small health food section, so at least I can easily get a few things. I’d kill for a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or even a Costco. Wow, I didn’t know they were frozen avocadoes. Some items I order on-line in bulk because it’s cheaper.

The calorie counter is great!!! I will have to start measuring what I cook, but you said I can use the scale for some things, and I just ordered it, yesterday. Considering, some Indian dishes have many Tablespoons of spices, it can really add to the count. I have bought Muir Glen brand before - I’ll have to keep my eyes open, but I’m sure that it will be at Whole Foods.

However, I went to Costco tonight and found a bag of red and orange hydroponic peppers for a reasonable price!!! Yay!!

I’ll post to the Forum if Trader Joe’s ever brings back frozen avocado halves. They were so convenient because they were packaged in perforated sheets! You could rip off one or two for lunch. Maybe, I will protest.

A lot of my celiac friends order in bulk online. I was planning on joining a vegetable CSA, but there are such waiting lists…I belong to a meat and egg CSA.

I like the calorie counter!!! I should put the cod soup into that, but I add ingredients by the handful, so I’ll have to put it into a cup…or, use the scale, like you said. I’m the type of cook that forgets how she made something that was a big hit unless I write it down that moment.

EatSmart scale has a memory feature so you can weigh & keep a running total for a meal. I also like the recipe analyzer because I can plug ingredients & then sub other ingredients to lower the carb count. Sure my carb counts are often off because I change things as I go along. My husband says remember how I make things, but I don’t–lol.