What are your thoughts on TV show called "D-Life"?

I saw a show a few months ago on cable called D-Life. It’s on every Sunday for 30 minutes and is about type1 and type2 diabetes. But it seems to emphasize type1 more than type2. I just wanted to know your thoughts. It seems like most of the staff working the show even behind the scenes have diabetes T1 & T2.

Have you ever seen it?
Do you like it?
Do you keep watching it?

Maybe you can list the channel and time that it is on in your area in case that is different in different places to help others try and catch an episode.

I have to double check- but I think it’s on MSNBC or CNBC at 4:00pm on Sunday.

I enjoy it and try to watch it if Im not too busy. It’s nice to watch a TV show for once that seems like it was made just for me! Kinda like Tudiabetes.

I’ve seen it…
I’m so so, on liking it… It’s sort of… too cheesy, for me. Sort of like a Clark Kent feel to it. lol
I don’t watch it very regularly… but catch it sometimes.
Out here in central Iowa they show it on CNBC, Sundays, at 6 pm.

Nope never watched it. No opinion on it.

I have the DVR record it so I don’t know what day or time it is on. The parts of episodes I’ve seen (haven’t sat through a whole one) do nothing for me. I gave it a try and there isn’t any new information given. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yeah I agree that it is not that informative. Even the recipes, LOL. But it is good to see the diabetic community at least trying. It’s a tv show and I’m sure they have huge liability issues with giving detailed advice. I did notice that all the commercials during the show were targeted towards diabetics and one good thing I got from that was a commercial about the Omnipod, which was the first time I ever heard of it.

Mike - d-life has been on TV, CNBC for several years. I used to be hosted by Nicole Johnson, Miss America of 199?. She is a T-1 Dx’ed as an adult. It has some interesting info sometimes. Among other things, they talk about athletes, and various show business people who have D. I live in SE PA (near Philly) here it is on Sundays at 7 PM. BTW, d-life also has a website d-life.com, and you can get a weekly e-newsletter sent to your inbox if you are interested.

I watch it from time to time. Their message to me is more of a reassuring message for loved ones and those who have "D"and highlight various subjects. Its diabetes lite for me.

As to the day to day in the trenches living with it though it fails. This web site covers that for me.