Diabetes on TV

I was so excited last night when I watched the latest episode of Army Wives and saw that they dealt with Diabetes…CORRECTLY!!

One of the main characters was diagnosed with T2D…and it was wonderfully done! They had her take a glucose tolerance test and an A1c (explaining what it meant!), discussed treatment - pills and insulin, possible complications, even the importance of BG testing!

D is normally portrayed so poorly on TV and in the movies that I had to post that someone FINALLY did it right!

AMAZING - Way to go Lifetime! :slight_smile:

I guess we are making a little dent on the dissemination of correct/accurate info on diabetes. At least its a start. Happy to hear the info. Thanks for sharing Stacey.

Diabetes still seems to be a rarity on TV, except for the occasional show. Nice to know that someone did it right.