What can I eat to lower my blood sugar?

I keep getting numbers in the 200s and feel awful. What can I eat to lower the numbers I see?

Generally speaking, most diabetics find that eating carbohydrates raises their blood sugar levels. This means bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. You might find you can eat wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta in limited quantities, but you need to test after every meal to find just how much carbohydrate you can tolerate. Hope this is helpful, I rather stood your question on its head.


Try to limit your carb intake like under 100g per day, less is even better. I eat zero grains and pasta and maybe one potato a week. You might want to go talk to your doctor and get a A1C test done. Sounds like if you cant get the numbers down you may need to start taking meds and/or insulin.

Try substituting kale for pepperoni on your next pie.


You may need to adjust your diet (less carbs), and / or you may need medications adjusted.

What meds are you on?

Just to be clear, nothing you eat will lower your blood sugar. Only medications will lower your blood sugar. But, it might be helpful to determine when you see numbers in the 200’s. Is it within 2 or 4 hours of eating? Is it in the morning? Is it all the time?

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