What did u have to eat today?

Come on… Everyone has got a I phone or cell phone that can take pictures… How bout pickin a day and taking a picture of your 3 square meals a day and post them… Not what u want us all to think you ate…
What you really ate all day… Your real portion sizes… Chicken? LOL no not that you ate chicken… Use a Small resolution and post them here so you don’t kill Manny’s server, or post them on your homepage and give us the url… Yes and you can even post the Nibisco Twirls that you have hidden in your desk if you dare… We wont judge you… much

Like this…
7575-BreakfastQuakerOatsandBananna.jpg (26.9 KB)
7576-LunchChicandpotatosalad.jpg (39.4 KB)
7577-DinnerChilliCornChips.jpg (31.8 KB)

Or not.

I’m way too lazy to do all that work, lol! But I can be honest about what I’ve eaten.
Breakfast: Cheerios & skim milk, sm cappachino
Snack: Grapes
Lunch: Cauliflower soup, sugar free jello, small fat free yogurt, small banana-oat bar, diet soda
Snack: Large orange, coffee with skim milk
Dinner: Haven’t had it yet, but it will probably be the usual, stir-fry chicken with lots veggies, pineapple, rice and some teriyaki sauce, followed by an evening snack, probably some popcorn or a sugar-free hot chocolate.

Wow, Thanks for the reply Maureen!
I just figured a picture was worth a thousand words…
I bet you have some good control over your BG with meals and snacks like that!
Keep up the great work!

hummm breakfast: pumpernickel bread and egg whites!

lunch: half a tuna sandwich on w/w

snack: cauliflower, green tea

supper: veggie soup

night time snack: cauliflower with phili dip and one big juicy apple!

my menu is very lame haha

I guess “lame” is what we are stuck with having this Stupid disease!
I like the Cauliflower with Phili dip idea! Would be nice with Celery as well
Who said cream cheese was just ment for bagels
I like adding fruit to the whipped style and putting it on Keebler Club Cracker!
The sweetness from the fruit and that tiny bit of salty flavor goes real good together.

breakfast-small banana and coffee/milk and 10 cashews

lunch-turkey sandwich, blueberries and 1 non-fat vanilla yougurt (fruit mixed in bowl with yogurt)

dinner- haven’t had yet…don’t feel like cooking. Maybe just cereal and fruit and some cheese later?


Here are my stats for today…NO LIE…meal portions are killing me and I’m not sure sometimes what to eat.
BG 6:45am 122…10:24an 94…11:30 87…1:30 128…3pm 104…5:30 115…7:45 136

7:05 1 sugarfree jello cup
8am 1 biscuit w gravy, eggs, bacon, coffee
11:30 stirfry, saled, sugarfee choc pudding w lite coolwhip, diet Dr Pepper
3 pm banana, veggies
5:30 subway chicken saled, DDP, 100 cal pack
8pm Blue Bunny sugarfree ice cream
what do you think?

To me if those are your real numbsers and I have no reason to believe they arent… I think you are doing great!
When I was first DX my nurse chastised me for eating a bacon egg and cheese biscut from McDonalds saying I was making a poor food choice…TSK TSK But then again my numbers showed it… after Breakfast just eating that I was in the 200s… I think it is great you can eat as well as you do and still maintain nice numbers!

Are you a Kashi kinda girl? I tried it and I just could not get into it… A bit to organic for me… Give me a big bowl of Capt Crunch With Crunchberries!! DOH! Did I say that?
I need to try that Yogurt thing… Something about “live Culture” kinda scares me… like it is sour milk or spoiled… I KNOW… it’s not and have seen the guy from the Food Channel actually make it in cheese cloth with skim milk… not a very pretty process … I think if I thought of it as Pudding I might like it… But stuff like Yoplay that you drink… ewwee I am not so sure about that stuff.
Dont you just love cashews? I used to stick them to Chocolate Frozen Bananas!! The sweet from the chocolate and the salty taste of the nutz is to die for!!

Hmmm - I had an espresso with 1 tsp of sugar and some cream for breakie (I’m not a breakfast person) For mid-morn snack - dove into my clients Costco container of fancy cashews and nuts (man oh man - they were so good). Got back home from my client - had about 1/2 cup of homemade baked beans and some low fat yoghurt. Snack in the aft was 4 wholewheat/pepper/olive oil crackers (they are wickedly good but on 12g of carb!!!). Dinner I had eggs and bacon a bit more of the baked beans and some flax seed bread with strawberry jam (low sugar). Later on had a few Hershey’s kisses (supposed to be saving these for Easter … NOT) - and … that’s it for my pig out today! My BG right now is 7.0 - abit higher then normal - so will probably do a correction with some fast acting insulin (I aim for 5.0 over night). I think those baked beans did me in with the carbs - I’ll be tooting tomorrow !!! Thar she blows!!! Oh wait - just had a tsp of peanut butter. Sorry no picture - but I have peanut butter smeared in the corners of my mouth … see???

I don’t eat cereal often…just lazy tonite. I usually cook every nite, lean meat, pasta or rice or potatoe and lots of veggies all kinds of dinners. As for lunch, I love my vanilla yougur and fresh fruit. I do sneak in some sour cream and onion chips once inwhile…put them right in my sandwich!!! never ate chips much, ever, last 3 months or so, can’t get enough!! And yes, love cashews, found one covered in cocoa…ate too many yesterday, boy those will make ya regular!!

I know that Emerald Nuts have some pretty exotic flavors but have never tried the cocoa kind… I tried the Wasabe not knowing really what wassabi was LOL and hated them!
I see rice, pasta and potatos… lol and I am sure u just eat those in moderation right?.. I still have a problem with portion control with those 3! I love em’ all!! And of course they make your bg go up wicked… But anything in moderation is ok for you… heheh I just dont know when to quit!
Like I said I need to give the yogurt thing a try with an open mind.I looked at the carbs on a little 5 oz container of columbo and it was 35 grams of carbs… I guess if I could eat just that for lunch and if it filled me up, ok… But I think I might need a bit more food to carb ratio for Lunch.What is weird though now that I am trying to watch my weight and lose pounds I use Orange juice kinda like a drug… It lets my sugar stay up and I don’t have to eat… I know that might sound strange but am kinda wondering how many other people do this… Like I will skip a snack entirely(never a meal) and just have 8 oz of OJ so I dont go low and less calories if I ate something.Maybe another discussion some time…
I work across the street from a major chocolate candy maker in Connecticut and since I was DX my boss bought me some Sugar Free chocolates knowing he was “helpin me” instead of the chocolate turtles he was passing out to everyone for Christmas… I ate 3 at work since they were sugar free, what the hey! And 2 more on the way home… By the time I got home my stomach was making some god awefull noises LMAO! Hey I didnt know about Maltose …I was new to all this… I tell ya what, that was as regular as I ever wanna be, HAHAHAHA

LOL you are funny :o) DANG! I wanna know your secret to keeping those A1cs so good! I am T2 and dont really know about the “correction” thing I just give myself a squirt before every meal and a Lantus squirt at bed time. dr. never said nuthin bout no corrections…
Oh my… Eggs and Baked beans and a container of Cashews… Girl , you better leave a window open! :oP" You be rockin’ the house tonight!

Hi Craig,

You should speak to your doctor about how to do correction injections. Would really help get your A1c down. Different for everyone, of course. Just as an example, 1 unit of fast acting insulin lowers my BG 60 points.

craig have you tried the dessert yogurts by source? they are only 35 calories and they come in like lemon pie, and strawberries in cream… soooo goood it doesn’t even taste like yogurt

Still early here12-30. So 1 toast and tea.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m keeping a food and number diary, but I worry about everything I eat because it’s all about the numbers.

Plain yogurt, no sweeteners or flavors, even vanilla, is less than 10 carbs for a half cup. I mix in a few berries and some splenda. It’s fine, tastes better than flavored yogurt I think.

Also…so-called diabetic (i.e. sugar-free) chocolates taste way worse than regular ones, plus they often actually have more carbs (which, contrary to popular old-fashioned opinion, are the problem for diabetics, not just sugar).

Those Source dessert yogurts are GREAT! But did you notice they stopped doing the chocolate cherry flavour? :frowning: