The D food graveyard - what's in yours?

There are some things I just can't handle BG-wise, things that, of course, I crave! I sometimes think of them as being in my D food graveyard, headstone and all.

Today the food I missed the most was bagels. Everything bagels. Everything bagels with lox, cream cheese, and a sliver of onion.

RIP bagels ;(

What's in your D food graveyard?

sitting on the sofa reading a good book with a massive block of cadbury milk chocolate fruit and nut. and new york pizza, more than one slice.
im gonna stop now because its exciting me and depressing me at the same time.
oh wait, and just eating like a kilo of cherries for dinner cuz im too lazy to cook. those were the good old days!
mike lawson is gonna have a big job, i think.

Bagels, agreed
Pizza, agreed
I'd add all breakfast cereals
all deserts... I never liked them much anyway
girly drinks
most beers
rice, for the most part although I may revisit that one

Cornbread.... It hits me like a ton of bricks. Of course the fact that I can't stop with one small piece might have a lot to do with it.

OH the tribulations of being a Southern Boy.

i agree with bagels and pizza and cornbread and the cerals. noodles of anytype for me
also agree withrice

I used to believe in the three Ps: Pizza (if I make my own, I am good and it tastes better), Peanut Butter (but I find I can tolerate a sandwich with almost atTablespoon), and Pasta (but again I can tolerate homemade so much better.) Homemade is more time consuming, but it is cooked with real stuff and my body reacts better.

Bagels are made by the devil, as is Pad Thai. Most bagels are 60 carbs and I hardly eat that many carbs in a day. I looked up Pad Thai today and it has 170 carbs, which is OMG!! Oh, and I ate a bunch (5) of high quality Belgium chocolates with Champagne one night and had the most perfect overnight and fasting blood glucose levels.

My thing: I wish that I did not have to obsess about every bite I ea
t, or TASTE while cooking,

The only thing I won't eat, ever, is bananas, because I ***LOATHE*** them.

I can get by without eating most dangerous foods. Ice cream is my downfall. It seems as if that is the one food that drives up my blood sugar more than anything and the food I miss the most when I don't eat it. I have found some ice cream bars that are only 50 grams of carbs, so I try to eat those when the crave occurs.

I can almost set that to song! ;)

oh man, ya'll are killing me... I had to wait until I ate dinner to respond to this...

Southern girl here... life in the carb-driven South is tough when you have diabetes...
I miss...
beignets with powdered sugar
homemade biscuits with cane syrup
french toast
chocolate cream pie
homemade coconut cake
cajun "dirty" rice
red beans and rice
hush puppies
and cereal and pizza, of course

I shouldn't complain too much though because I also live in an area where there is plentiful fresh seafood and fresh vegetables everywhere so I don't lack for healthy tasty choices.. :)

Sorry...just noticed my list is so much longer than everyone elses...

To me, my "graveyard foods" (odd term!) fall into a couple categorys:
Foods I don't eat at all and don't miss: Sugar - as many of you know I haven't eaten sugar for 18 years due to my ED and I'm quite happy without it.

Foods that sometimes work out ok with enough insulin and that I miss having Pasta was so much a part of my diet as a vegetarian that occasionally I really want some. I don't know if it was denial that I used to think I could bolus for it accurately, or it's just gotten harder because the last few times I made inevitable forays into the high 200's...grrr.

Bagels are an odd one for me. As an ex New Yorker they were one of the basic food groups and I miss them, though I don't think of them much because I'd accepted they were unpredictable and hellish on my BG. But a couple weeks ago I was out and near a bagel place and decided I would treat myself to one as it had been years. I really enjoyed it and was able to bolus and stay in range! Wow! On the other hand am I willing to eat 60 carbs for lunch and take that enormous amount of insulin....nope!

My last category: Things that I just can't eat because my I:C ratios are not predictable for these foods:. Rice - I don't miss it as a food per se but it did play a role in some dishes for me like burritos and as a base for sauces like curry. It's been years since I've had it. Cereal and granola. My favorite breakfast for years was yogurt, fruit and granola. Just not possible for me, and I've tried every healthy cereal on the market. Hopeless. It pisses me off when I can't eat things that I still think of as "healthy". But again, it's been so long I don't miss it. Finally, liquadas - what Americans call "smoothies" - a whole big glass of blended fresh fruit, with or without rum on a hot summer day. Another thing I miss but don't think about because it's so damn many carbs!

I have to say I have mixed feelings about posts like this. For me it's just interesting now, but there would have been a time that talking about these things would have given me serious cravings. I say "I miss it but don't usually think about it" because imho sugar and carbs are addictive, both physiologically and psychologically, so "out of sight" really is "out of mind". Going on and on about foods we loved but have had to forgo isn't always the healthiest topic. Imho.

Wow Spock, if I were you I'd have Belgian chocolates and Champagne for dinner EVERY night LOL

Yeah Zoe 'grave yard foods' is an odd term but that's how I think about things that are totally off the grid for me. Besides, we already know that I'm odd LOL

I concur on the rice and cold breakfast cereals! I will add my beloved fish and chips to the list also. I feel like I could bolus an entire reservoir full of insulin (even with an extended/dual wave bolus) and not control the resulting highs.

Honorable mentions: organic strawberry yogurts; pralines fron Savannah, GA

Some of the other things mentioned I seem to do okay with:
1) beer - I've committed to memory the carb counts in my preferred commercial beers and calculate the amount in my homemade brews (my husband and I brew on a regular basis)
2) pizza - extensive experimentation at my local pizza joint
3) noodles/pasta seem to be behave reasonably for me if I'm at home and can measure accurately. I apply approximate carb counts when in a restaurant.

Yogurt (unless it's the Carbmaster kind) and breakfast cereals. No matter how precisely I measure/weigh, count carbs, and bolus, it never works.

And, surprisingly I do GREAT with rice, which according to this list, a lot of other people have issue with. I'll consider myself lucky!

Dr. Zira??

Pasta is a royal pain.

I can eat fried rice - fried potatoes. Boiled/mashed nope, - BG is vertical.

Any food pair that causes gut/intestine to stall and change digestive juices sends me nuts as there will be a stall of glucose generation for an hour.

For most, as long as their liver fifo working reasonabley well this should be no issue. For me whenever my liver needs to add glucose sub 70, the liver is adament in throwing the whole pail at the effort. I have to add glucose tablets to coast thru the low spot.

I watch grains, breads, flours, corn, rice like a hawk and tightly control portions.

MSG and some drugs will force my liver to dump excessive glucose and override my metformin. Some of the man made sugars can be a pain and I try to avoid but they do show up in stuff.


That reference definitely passed me by (never saw the movie)! I like bananas, especially dipped in nut butter which I can bolus for way less carbs than listed!

Milk makes me go over the moon high and I cannot leave Peter Pan Peanut Butter alone. Milk I can do without. However Peter Pan Peanut Butter is a very different story.