What do I buy

I’m looking for some suggestions and I’m cross-posting, hoping to get as many as possible.

My FitBit Charge 2 watch recently went kaput.

My iPhone 5 S - with the most current update (I always kept it current) - recently began freezing up; it bulks when I try to tap something to send a text, open the phone, make a call, … - it happened a few years ago and we had a company in the mall (not Apple) replace the screen or something like that. It worked fine until recently.

I use Dexcom G5 and OmniPod with PDM Glucometer built in.

I’m not planning to go to Dexcom G6 but eventually I’d like to be able to use OmniPod Loop.

So, here’s the question. Since I need a new watch/activitiy tracker and a new phone, which ones would you get, if you could and why? Ideally they would all talk to one another and be able to share data. And, ideally they would be receptive to other apps which make our life, well easier? Is there any such beast that does it all? What watch, phone, app,… do I buy?

Thanks for any help/suggestions you can offer!

Looks like your number one criteria is what will work with OmniPod loop. I don’t know anything about it so I’m no help on that front.

As for the rest, my personal preference (and likely the most expensive?) is iPhone + Apple Watch. I like the ability to see my BG and trend from the watch face using the G5 or G6 app. The activity tracking is fantastic. There are lots of other great features because of all the apps that integrate with the corresponding iPhone apps. Too many to discuss. Better to visit the Apple store and ‘kick the tires’.

I don’t have any first-hand experience with the other options.


If you are planning to Loop with Omnipod, you must use an iPhone and stay with the older version of pods (Eros). Go to this link and then click on the Gear tab to learn exactly what devices you can use.


If when you say “Loop,” you mean Tidepool Loop or Dexcom Horizon both of which will be released in the next year or two, then you may have more flexibility.

Omnipod Dash uses a lock-down Android phone as the controller. Does that mean that once we can use our own phones, the platform for Horizon will be Android based? I think it is a few years before we will be able to use our own phones with an FDA-approved closed Loop.


The iPhone XR has the best battery life of all the iphones, so when my 5S started dying ~6 mos ago, I got that. I really love the long battery life. It was a huge upgrade from the 5s (mostly in terms of battery life and photo quality for me).

I don’t pair it with any other D gadgets.

Edit: just the G6!


I’m with katers87 on the fact that a new iphone is just better. I went from a 5S that would freeze or just shut off. It got annoying enough I finally decided to get a new one. I went with an 8S last year and really love it.

But I don’t loop, I have an Omnipod and a G6 and just have the Dexcom reader ap and the Dexcom Clarity ap on my phone.

I just know you will appreciate the new iphone (or probably any newer phone), it’s so must faster than a 5S was…


Yes, @Paytone you’re correct there. It might not happen as quick as I would like, but I’ve wanted to “Loop” since, well, forever LOL but I never wanted to give up the OmniPod!

Thanks, @Laddie I know I need an Apple computer, with developers license (if I don’t want to update as often) but I wasn’t all that sure if after it was up and running I’d be able to use something else. Thanks for the term, Eros, for the older pods! I’ll check out the link you shared too.

I’ll keep that, XR, in mind when we head to the store. My photo quality is awful. After awhile I just stopped taking pictures with it.

Pairing it with D gadgets is intriguing to me and on one hand I think I might like it, but on the other hand, I’m not so sure. I know I’d like to be able to see ALL of my data at one time, but it doesn’t have to be in real time … it could be just when I upload it all.

My husband thinks his is an 8S. He got it a year or two ago. He’s happy.

I have the old OmniPod with the PDM that has the glucometer that I carry around with me. I use the Dex receiver, in a leather case, clipped on my waistband. I’ve used this for several years now. I’m not sure how it will be to have Dex on my phone, but I like the idea of having my readings on my watch.

I don’t have Clarity. I use Diasend/Glooko to upload my Dex and OmniPod. My Dexcom and OmniPod programs went belly up a long time ago, so I went with Diasend as that was being talked about a lot at that time. I hear a lot now about Clarity. I think I’ll see what that is like too, now that I’m switching things up some.

Thanks all! I appreciate your help!


Clarity has been nice. I had been using tidepool for my libre and Omnipod as my old endo liked looking at that the best. But I don’t know if it’s just me lol, but tidepool won’t load my G6, it just says it doesn’t support this device.

I carry the Dexcom reader in my pocket because it’s an easy place for it. But I mostly use my iphone as the reader.

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@Marie20 I’ll have to add Tidepool to my list of possible programs!

I looked at Google. This page might help you with Tidepool.


Hey Thanks!

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Personally, I would buy this one, especially if you are upgrading your phone. I use my ticwatch to check my glucose levels, and anything else is usually in my phone… of course it really depends on what you want your watch to do, just make sure you can have the watchface show your BG levels without hitting additional buttons… I feel this is the most important feature for type 1s also at $80 if you can’t get it to work you can return it and then spend 1 day and $500 at the apple store give or take.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

That was a problem for me with my FitBit, but my BG wasn’t connected to it, I had to tap the watchface to see the time and that was overly cumbersome and not very discreet! Snapping my wrist never seemed to turn it on either.

I just asked my daughter who has an Apple watch and she has to snap her wrist or tap the watch face to turn it on, so I guess I have more to consider again.

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The amazefit is supposed to be an always on display, and last 30 days, which means it’ll probably at least last a full day, maybe even a week… I would have bought that one, but I still have the ticwatch that I bought last year, and it still works, but when it dies, I’ll try amazefit…its LCD, not amoled, but that’s why the battery lasts. You can also try xdrip or xdrip ios if you can’t have the BG on your watchface… another user on eversense has an Apple watch where he has to select the app, then see His glucose, which I personally would not put up with…watchface or another watch, or more research…

Thanks! I’ll take a look at that one!

I am seriously looking into buying the Oura ring. It has a good activity tracker, a heart rate variability tracker, and very important, a sleep tracker. Its sleep feature is the key feature of the Oura, in fact. There are lots of online reviews of it. A big drawback is that it’s $300.

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You can also consider Motiv ring - similar to Oura and less $$

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@The_Senator_From_Glu I’ll keep the ring in mind, thank you! I did take a look at their FAQ and found that it only tracks heart rate during sleep


Blockquote No, Oura doesn’t track heart rate during exercise or other activities. The ring tracks your resting heart rate while you sleep, and during restful moments during the day.

The FAQ page was most helpful. It mentioned that they didn’t recommend you wear the ring to the gym and their reasoning seemed sound. However, I’d like to be able to have gym data too.

@EAK Yes, it appeard to be about $100 less.

This ring tracks fitness, not just steps it says.

They are both interesting! Thank you for sharing the idea! With something like this, I could get a normal looking watch! But, I wouldn’t be able to use it with apps that work with Dex or Loop.

Thanks for drilling down and providing further information on the Oura ring. I guess I didn’t realize that about HRV. And yes, if I worked out regularly, I would like tracking data too. I think you can swim with it, though.

One of my concerns is that I get eczema on occasion on my hands and fingers. For that reason, I do not wear much jewelry and especially not rings. Sometimes, though, I can ease back into wearing jewelry, so we’ll see.

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I use a Fitbit Versa it’s very water proof as as I swim for 1.5 hours thee times a day. The phone I use a iPhone 7+. Its battery has held up well. I don’t do much picture taking but the pic are good for me.
I use a Dexcom G5 and sometimes get a little pissed off with-all the alerts I get on the watch. I’ve had to turn off several app notifications as the watch was buzzing too much. I only wish the Dexcom App would show values as well as alarm conditions

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Hi Tapestry,

From here: https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/setup/requirements/iphone/

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Thanks, @John70 I’ll keep that in mind! There are a few watch types/versions out there for me to compare.

Thanks, @mohe0001 for the list and link! If my iPhone 5s wasn’t kaput, that would be good news! Unfortunately, it has been on the edge of existence for a few years now, so I don’t think I would have trusted it anyway!

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