Watches compatible with Dexcom G6/G7 and when is direct to watch coming?

Can someone provide me with a list or link to all the watches compatible with the Dexcom G6 to monitor your blood glucose levels? The Dexcom site has a useless compatible device search page and I could not find a list on this forum. I heard there were watches other than Apple and Samsung that work? For example I heard certain Garmin and Fitbit watches work? What is the the cheapest watch solution and are there any that are direct to watch?
Thanks, Mike

I use a Pixel Watch 2 with a Blose face, and it is totally awesome.

Google store - Google Pixel Watch 2

Blose Watch Face App

I use a Fitbit Versa with readings from xDrip, and watchface from Glance.

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Garmin requires Garmin Connect app on your phone and the Dexcom widget.

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Are you Android or Apple? I don’t know much about Apple options, but if you’re team Android you have a lot of $30-50 options. The caveat is that you have to use Xdrip as the CGM collector, instead of the official Dexcom app, as well as another app called WatchDrip. Xdrip gets the BG info from the transmitter/sensor and WatchDrip gets that info from Xdrip and pushes it to your watch. Xdrip is a way better app that’s completely customizable, though, so I consider that a bonus! Basically, you can use almost anything made by Xiaomi or AmazFit. If you’re willing to buy direct from China, like on AliExpress, you can get them for even less. Just make sure you get the “global” version, so it has English. I recently upgraded from the Mi Band 6 to an AmazFit Bip S for the longer battery life and bigger transflective screen (can see the display with ambient light instead of needing to power up an always on display), and I got it for $42 new on AliExpress.

This is a screenshot of watches compatible with WatchDrip:

And there’s a workaround to make these with the newer Zepp OS firmware work, too:

Amazfit GTR3 PRO, Amazfit GTR3, Amazfit TRex2, Amazfit GTS3, Amazfit GTS4, Amazfit GTR4, Amazfit GTS4 Mini, Amazfit Band7, Amazfit Falcon

Direct to watch without a phone is doable, but it’s going to cost you. The new G7 is supposed to talk directly to 3 devices, including a watch, but you’ll be limited to few expensive watches Dexcom chooses to support. However, some watches can already be used as what’s called a “standalone collector” by installing a smaller version of Xdrip right on the watch. There’s a chart of some options in this link: xDrip/Documentation/ at master · NightscoutFoundation/xDrip · GitHub

Pixel watch 2 is an Android product, not cheap if you only want to use it for Dexcom but great if you are looking for a voice activated hands free solution Google assistant that will handle your Music, News, Google Wallet, Email, Chat, Calendar, Fitbit as well as the Dexcom and Blose apps without the need of Xdrip or other 3rd party apps. Dexcom and Blose download directly from the Google Play store, and the Blose app gives an amazing amount of configuration options, graphs, charts, raw data, and data from your Android G6 phone app. as well as live data on your watch face every 5 minutes for the past 3 hours. The phone is polled every 5 minutes, so there is a slight delay between the mobile phone and the watch. The watch parameters and alarms can be set with far more range than the phone app.

The BlueJay allows you to see your CGM numbers without needing to carry a phone around.


The Pixel watch 2 LTE version also allows you to leave phone at home and use the apps on your watch.

Thanks to all of you! Can anyone tell me why they haven’t solved direct to watch using bluetooth? Watches like the Apple watch and the Dexcom transmitters both use bluetooth, it seems so simple! What the heck is taking so long?

Take a look at the Bluejay watch.

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It is not a technical issue, it is a business reason.

It is because Apple wants you to continue to buy their phone, and not just their watch.

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I can understand with Apple but Google has been a lot more open on usage of bluetooth on their Android and Wear operating system as they support a broad range companies products.

True; downside is need to have cellular signal. Often where I go, there isn’t a signal. So I’m back to pulling my phone out of my pocket.

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I know that Dexcom was working on direct to watch on the G6 but it never got released and I hear it’s coming on the G7 but call me cynical but I suspect because they put all the cost to develop a separate receiver that they are reluctant to do it as they would lose sales on the receiver? Dexcom could also make their own watch but haven’t as no one would pay the cost they are charging for the separate receiver rather than buying a much more versatile Apple Watch? Any thoughts?
I also found this article about Dexcom releasing Dexcom G6 Direct that supports direct to watch but not sure much of it is real as I have not seen any other articles like it? Maybe just a publicity stunt to get people to there site?

I think we are quickly approaching a grey area. My Google Pixel Watch 2 LTE version needs to be set up with a phone, but once set up, the phone can be left at home, and the apps, Phone, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Wallet, etc., continue to work and the Dexcom should as well even miles away from the phone as long as the watch is within cell range. So I think rather than thinking of a watch as a stand-alone timepiece, we are rapidly entering the “Dick Tracy” era where our watches are actually becoming wearable smartphones.

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Here’s one made for that specific purpose.
But do a web search for “Xdrip watch”. There are several.

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BIG thanks! I found this list of watches that support Xdrip. I am going to look into making an Amazfit watch into a direct to watch glucose monitor and they are very reasonable cost and has a 14 day battery life.

Good luck, or rather, stay with it until it works.

Because I already have many nice watches for all occasions which I switch between, and I don’t do anything where I don’t have a phone with me, I just installed the full XDrip+ app on my Android phone. Most of my smart watches I have will echo the XDrip’s alerts if I just pair them with my phone. The full app has a LOT more useful functions for management than the bare bones core used by watches, which is like the widget on Android.


Full app:

Unfortunately, AmazFit watches don’t work as standalone. Those require the WatchDrip app on your phone, which pushes the data to the watch. Only watches with the WearOS operating system work for that.

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Thanks for letting me know. I am looking at a SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS to use a stand alone BG monitor I can get for $150. I assume the process requires installing a Wear OS version of Xdrip and an app to display the data? Do I still need an Android phone or computer to set it up or can it all be done via the watch?
Thanks for any help for this newbie!