What do you do......?

…when you just changed your site the night before and you had two lows while gardening and sweated half of your IV 3000 tape off, from underneath your quickset and it is elevated slightly on one side, grrrrr??

I have already applied two more pieces of IV 3000, just all wavy, tape, quickset…:frowning:

Suspend and disconnect the pump.
Replace the infusion set only, throw away the unused tubing. Keep the tubing you just changed the night before and attach it to the new infusion set.
Do a fixed prime to fill the canulus.
Grin and bear it.

That’s what I do when mine gets pulled out by accident. I’m assuming this will work with any infusion set. I happen to use a quickset and a minimed pump.

I’ve had to tell Minimed to skip my next shipment because their sending them faster than I can use them, so I can spare one on occassion. Maybe you’re not in the same situation, but it’s a better solution than throwing out the insulin, too, IMHO.

Thank you Terry. My other problem right now is I have one IV prep left, until my new supply comes tomorrow or Tueday. I found some other tape laying around the house, I now look like the walking wounded. Three IV 3000’s and two strips of this tape, ahhhh!!! Bgs was just 136 so I guess I am getting insulin, but I will remember your tip next time for when I have full supplies, geesh!!!

And that was the other thing I did not want to throw away all this insulin as I use the bigger pump now the 722

Change it out ASAP! That happened to me and i thought oh i’ll let it be a little loose no prob…then i removed it and an occulusion had formed i bled all over myself…it sucked! So I say change it!

I never use IV Prep pads with the IV tapes. I find I don’t need them at all.

I tried applying the tape without the prep pad at one time and they just did not stay stuck for me. :frowning:

I ended up keeping the site in with a truckload of tape I found lying around the house and changed the site out one more time before seeing the endo last Tuesday, where I asked for a few IV preps to get me through my new shipment from MM.

My shipment arrived today, phew.