What do you drink?

New to diabetes - and i am wondering what do people drink?
At home or out and about?

I used to always order juice spritzers - living in Germany, that is a fairly standard drink (usually with apple juice). But that is a little spikey for me now.

So what do people drink? Particularly if there's no diet drinks on the menu?

Water with lemon or unsweetened iced tea if there's nothing diet on the menu, but I'm in the US. Gatorade makes a low carb drink called G2 that we're very fond of in my house as well.

Water, all the time. I love water, after all, it is the best way to stay hydrated.
you can drink all kinds of tea, sweet them with stevia or other sweeteners, cold or warm.
what i have discovered as a nice and refreshing drink for summer:
put some frozen berries into a pitcher, add some lemon slices and peppermint leaves, and fill that up with water. mmh

I used to be a caffeine free diet Pepsi addict but switched to Pellegrino and like it better.

Sparkle Water...

Iced herbal tea (no sweeteners), cappuccinos, wine, water

Water. I'll have the occasional diet soda, usually Coke Zero.

i drink water. just water. thats what i drank before i was diabetic anyway.

if i want alcohol then ill have dry white wime or a red wine spritzer-very popular in spain in the summer, really cold and refreshing! and gazpacho, hardly any carbs and yummy and easy to make.

ooh, id never thought of peppermint leaves! gona try it!

Water, Diet Dr. Pepper , and skinny /light drinks from starbucks are my favorite things. I'll occasionally have diet coke or coke zero too but that's really it.

Lemon balm works too :D

I drink water unless the sun is over the yardarm, in which case I'll booze it up sometimes. Then, I correlate the drinks with my BG. If I'm low, heavy carb beer or a margarita or something and if I'm running lower, a martini or some sort of straight booze that won't jack up my BG. If I'm "just right" maybe a light beer or bolus for the carbs in something thicker. I like coffee a lot in the AM though and have always drunk it black.

Coffee, water, tea, beer, wine, and sometimes diet ginger ale if feeling oogy.

Honestly you can drink anything so long as you cover the carbs with insulin. I stick to lo carb drinks like jack daniels with diet coke, but there's really no restriction. Another great drink is ICE, it's very tasty on it's own and mixed with alcohol.

Me, too, Zoe. I make my own blend. And it is iced all year round---hot tea makes for IckeyPooPoo hot flashes!

I have on occasion found Virgil's Zero Root Beer a treat---made with stevia---no carbs, no calories....And I do keep a stevia-sweetened ginger-ale on hand in case of nausea, which I hate!.....

Red wine, of course and a little iced coffee in summer, maybe with a dollop of heavy cream & stevia and hazelnut flavoring...

How about sun tea? We put tea bags in a water jug, set it out in the sun for a few hours to steep and, well just YUM :) Bring it in and put it in the fridge of course, and add a slice of lemon if you like.

Tea. Whatever flavor is available.