Tired of water

What do you all drink besides water. I can’t stand the diet ice teas or lemon aids . I’ll have ice coffe and freash ice tea but no fruit juices because way to much sugar and the diet stuff is terrible . All suggestions are most welcome

I have iced cappuccino for breakfast, herbal iced tea for lunch and wine (current fav is Prosecco) for dinner.

La croix sugar free club soda

You can buy a soda stream, and make your own bubbly water with lemon/lime juice or other natural flavorings. Iced green tea is another favorite. Oxylent vitamin powders make for a nice drink. I also really like bragg apple cider vinegar drinks.

Yes the iced cappuccino is a fav in the summer.

I’ll have to look for that one thanks

We have a soda stream I’ll give it a try with the lemon/lime juice . We have had it for over a year and I never used it I’ll my kids and husband make the mixes but I’ll give it a try this weekend . Thanks

I drink lots of different kinds of teas. I even grow my own chamomile and peppermint.

I second the sodastream. With or without a spritz of juice.

Natural and organic has become my mantra. I avoid foods that are labeled "diet" . Water is always the best choice . black coffee is a must in the morning . Green tea hot or cold with no sweeteners . Herbal teas are nice ;I like hibiscus which some have fruit flavor with out sweeteners . and one serving of red wine a day . Lear n to reprogram your taste buds Good luck!.

Thanks for all the input … It’s moats helpful.

Try a squeeze of lemon juice in your water ,It's refreshing and cleans the palette when eating