Beverage Alternatives

I’m sure most of us who have gone through life normally from age 10 to 20 without diabetes have had at least a few glasses of soda a week. Admit it, or at least admit that you were drinking something that was more than 28g carbs per 8 ounce serving.

Ya, I have.

So, of course, aside from diet soda, which we may as well avoid, what do you drink that is low on sugar or sugar free?

I have been doing the old standby - water with a slice of lemon. The lemon makes the water refreshing.

Another one, odd as it may seem, is iced barley tea. Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of it, but its tea made from barley… It has a very strong flavor and supposedly can make you feel cool- great for those hot summer days. It’s quite standard in Japan

Any more suggestions? Maybe we can make a whole list.

with a slice of lemon or lime

ocean spray cranberry light (mix with water or 7up)
sobe lean
low carb vitamin water
crystal light
sugar free kool-aide
fruit 2O

sun tea (black, red, green, oolong, etc)
‘refrigerator tea’ (this is how you brew iced barley and oolong tea- steep it in the refrigerator for one hour or two)
iced coffee?

I have had barley beverages, and you are right, they are refreshing. However, I suspect that they are not carb free, so I try to avoid them these days. Cold seltzer water with lemon juice or mint leaves is great!

Yeah I’m curious about this too, but I use barley tea bags and each tea bag weighs 10g per 1 liter of water used- so if there’s any carbs at all, it’s under 10g. It could be different from what you’re drinking :slight_smile:

I drink Ocean Spray Cranberry LIGHT (made with splenda) and add 1/2 water or diet 7up,really good!

I like all the flavors of sobe lean, especially the green tea one, and they are carb free.

vitamim water is okay, they just came out with a 10 calorie (low carb) kind. Sobe is good but i haven’t tried their low cal. I know you can buy some Light orange juice with just 20c in a glass. I tried walmart brand sugar free choco with splenda… haven’t decided if i like it yet… it taste kinda off (but my first glass had waaaayy to much choco syrup). Any v8 fruit juice light is good, ex. stay away from it if it has high fructose corn syrup (it’s a very orangey color). Any fruity tea bags with no sugar sounds good, or mix it with splenda. AND OF course the old stand by splenda mixed Kool-aid, they also have a sugar free kind. Crystal light is delicious! Any diet soda, ex. i’m trying to stay away from them because they have stuff that make mice forget where the cheese is. I don’t want to forget where the cheese is.

sun tea. black tea made by steeping in cool water in the sun (usually in a quart jar on the dash board of my car). i find plain black iced tea very refreshing… but maybe i am odd that way

This might sound like a stupid question but why do you all aviod Diet Coke? There are no carbohydrates in it I thought…

Crystal light Orange sunrise tastes like old school Tang so I do drink that. Also Poweraide has a PowerAide Zero that comes in blue raspberry, strawberry, or grape. No carbs in it at all so I like it better than alot of the other sports drinks.

I am looking forward to the suggestions people put here as I need to cut my diet coke consumption, I drink way too much each day!

Taste is one issue. Diet coke has a really artificial taste in most places water is better even out of the tap.

elestial Seasons makes several no caffeine fruit flavored tea such as blueberry, cranberry, peach etc. Most don’t need any sweetening, but you could certainly add some splenda. I usually make tham about 1.5 times the recommended strength to get a lot of flavor.

ive tried the crystal light teas, water with lemon and making homemade tea with stevia since i havent tried agave nectar as of yet, since i was recently informed about it on this website. im new but already enjoying this place. there is so much information that ive never been able to find. anyways sorry for that rant

Water Water Water
Coke Zero if its really cold
Sprite Zero if its really cold
Sugar Free Kool Aid

Fruit 2 O, water with fruit flavor, Splenda, too, I’m sure, it’s sweet. Orange juice that is very watered down, 1/4 or even 1/8 juice, lots of ice, Lemon/lime seltzer. Big on diet soda in this house. Crystal Lite has a great peach flavored iced tea.

where do they sell fruit 2 om haven’t seen it since i lived overseas. I’m loving sobe’s 10 cal drinks, mind you its 2.5 servings so really is 25 cal and about 25 carbs