What do you use to keep sites on in hot, humid weather?

I was wondering for those of you that work outside in the hot, humid weather what you use to secure your sites? My son is landscaping this summer and is going through sites like crazy! He uses SkinTac & sometimes KT tape but even that doesn’t hold up to the humidity.


We noticed that using a hydrocolloid barrier between the skin and device works pretty good.

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I never have issues with my sets coming off, but that’s likely because I only use Sure-T’s, along with an IV3000, but the IV3000 is there to prevent accidental dislodging of a set from somthing brushing against it, lifting a wing, and tearing it off of me. I don’t think I’d have issues in hot weather, if I left off the IV3000, because sometimes I forget to put one on, when changing sets. I don’t use anything on my skin prior to application except alcohol to get off any grime/oiliness.

Sets I used to wear, would fall off. I don’t talk much about those–ancient history for me.

We live in Florida so it is always hot here in the summer. We have used Pump Peelz and Griff Grips on the Omnipod and Dexcom G5. Pump Peelz look cooler but it appears they don’t hold up as well. We have to constantly put Skin Tac on it to keep the edges down. But nothing has ever fallen off. The Omnipod seems to stay on better as the “sticky back” seems to be better made than the G5.


Ah, nothing like reviving a year-old thread, right? But summer’s coming around again, and this may be coming back up.

I had issues with my infusion set sweating out, and I finally found the solution was not to try to stop the sweat from dissolving the glue. No antiperspirant on the skin before putting in the set, no super-strong glue/adhesive helps. Instead, I used an ACE bandage elastic wrap or a back support to keep the set in place when I was sweating. Then, when I cooled down and stopped sweating, I found the glue re-adhered, and I could take the support off.

Any time I tried to use extra tape to hold it in place, I invariably found that tape pulling away, and then pulling out the infusion set.

Details of my setup: I do use smith&nephew’s Skin-Prep sprayed over a large area of the abdomen, and air dried for a few minutes before attaching a MiniMed Quick-Set infusion set (which is a cloth disk about 1.5 inches in diameter holding in the set).


Welcome to TuDiabetes! Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m sure it will come in handy. I use an OmniPod and, for the most part, it stays on pretty well with just some skin prep on my skin (air dried) and then some on the pods adhesive and I blow on that a bit to help it dry quicker. I have to pry it off.

Welcome JestPhulin!

I live in year round humidity. I have never had a problem with the Omnipod, but the G6 would not stay on and the overpatches were just as bad. But I got Skin Tac that I put on the adhesive when I apply it and that usually holds me for at least 10 days.

After the 10 days because I extend my sensors I have to re apply more Skin Tac around some of the edges every 5-10 days. This gets a very messy look to it so I apply a cut down Grif Grip over the whole thing when it starts to look bad and then a full Grif Grip over that when it starts to look bad too. (with Skin Tac)

This seems to work really well and keep it looking nice as it’s on the back of my arm and I wear sleeveless dresses.