Pump Problems

I’ve been having trouble keeping the infusion set sticking lately. I’ve increased my workouts - great for controling BG levels - but I’ve been sweating lots more and it is casuing major headaches. Even with the addition of IV Prep to the area at the initial insertion, my set just peels off during exercise.

I normally use medtronic, but today I tried a sample Omnipod (inactive). After 15 minutes running it was half off.

Anyone got an idea how I can deal. I know it just aesthetics but I rather not have to use gobs of medical tape.

Hi Edward! Good question… and I don’t think that it’s just aesthetics, I find it really uncomfortable to wear gobs of tape and my skin doesn’t like it either.

Take a look at these old discussions, I think you will find some answers there!!

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I used to have sets come loose as well. If i was at the gym or sweating heavy at work, sets would just come right off! Them I started using Tegaderm patches made by 3M. I fold them in half and cut a hole in the center then place right over a new set. I have not had a set come loose since. They hold up well in long hot showers as well. Removal is pretty easy and no sticky gross residue. I just can’t beleive I pumped for over a year not using them. All those sets that I only got a day or two out of…


I use Mastisol to keep mine on. I live in Alabama where the humidity is horrible and it is the only way I can get a set to last, I also place iv 3000 over the top of the infusion set. Call Medtronic and ask them for a sample adhesive pack. It will come with Mastisol, Detacho (to remove Mastisol), iv 3000, tegaderm, and polyskin as well as some tips.

I use Skin- Tac and they all stay put …

Firstly, I want to thank all of you for responding. This is exactly what I was looking for in a community. I’m going to give the Tagaderm a try and then follow up with the IV3000 (very impressive name). Seems that some advise to use the IV3000 between skin and infusion set and others on top, yeh? I’ll give both a try.

Edward I really can’t help here I know that that problem keeps pleaging me no matter what I use. The humidity and the sweat keeps it up!!!

My suggestion would be IV Prep wipes first, ( very sticky ) Then your set, followed by Tegaderm on top. Tricky part is cutting a hole… Works like a damn for me. I think i may have hyperhydrosis! LOL!