What do you young adults do to try to interact with other diabetics?

Just curious, I’m almost 23 and when I was a kid and teen I went to diabetes camps and had a lot of fun. As I grew up I kinda strayed from wanting to interact with other diabetics. Now, grown and college almost over, it’s like I would like to have that fun that I always had going to the camps. Anyone else know what I mean?

I didn't go to camp and I'm not exactly "young" however the The Diabetes Unconference is open to all ages, who are able to get around in Vegas...I'd hope there'd be some young people there.

I'm almost 20 and I still refuse to go to diabetes camps/conferences/groups… Is that weird?

Thank you for that, I’ll have to look into it!

Lol no it’s not weird. I only went because my mom wanted me to, however I really liked it once I got there.

I think going to Vegas can be pretty much fun!