What doctor do you see to manage your diabetes?


I’ve seen an endo once (we have one in the northern half of our state), and it was not a productive meeting. She apparently only works with pediatric cases, and since my A1c was good she told me to “quit wasting her time and go back to your GP.”

Anyhow, so I see my GP (family doctor, delivered my son), and she lets me make most of my own treatment decisions. I also see (now) a neurologist for neuropathy and a metabolic specialist, because she knows more abut diabetes T1 than my GP.


My GP, she and her partner and nurse practitioner are an awesome team that keeps me going strong.


Error: she dx me as TYPE ONE-big difference!


My PCP told me to buy a coffin and fired me… As he wrote a referral to an Endo. Last time I ever saw him, and the best day of my life!