What doctor do you see to manage your diabetes?

What doctor do you see to manage your diabetes?

  • Endocrinologist
  • General Practitioner
  • Nurse Practitioner

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My GP started out managing my diabetes, but backed off after he referred me to an endocrinologist. On the other hand, when I was having trouble finding a good endo to replace the one I’d seen that retired, my GP offered to step in and “manage” my diabetes according to my instructions – as he knows that I’ve become well-educated in this area.

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My GP handles all my scripts. The control, I do…sometimes well, sometimes not so well. But dealing with the incrimination from an endo or CDE was getting me down. A1C is 5.4 - 5.8. I think it’s perfect; they don’t . The blame and shame game broke me.

I use a CDE.

IM and CDE.

Is “IM” an internal medicine doctor?

Yes, “IM” is an Internal Medicine doctor. And IM and CDE will happily provide a recommendation to an Endo if needed or desired.

I get care at a respected diabetes clinic but I now see a physician assistant or PA. She’s easier to get an appointment with and I like her communication style. I don’t seek any insulin dosing advice and just need someone to monitor the lab results and consult for things like a cortisone injection I’ll be getting this week. In other words, I only need consultation for the non-routine diabetes questions.


…and probably facilitates routine Rx renewals and letters of need … ?


Cool, way to go Terry4. My IM helped me when I had a non-diabetical issue that was extreme and deadly…thank goodness for doctor’s who are full body concerned. Respect is a two way street. Good luck with your cortisone injection. We old folks are falling apart =/

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Yes, and that’s no small job! Can you imagine what the real cost of all that extra effort takes in the US?

I currently see an endocrinologist. But have in the past seen a great PA/CDE and also a great NP/CDE. Went many years without seeing a true MD for my diabetes. For me it’s always trying to find a doctor who is willing to listen and not shut me down when I want to try some different.


I am lucky, indeed, as my PCP is an endocrinologist and a great doctor. Recently when I had a total knee replacement, he went up to the nursing station and wrote in my chart that I was to manage my own testing and insulin (I’m on a pump). One nurse actually came in when she had a few minutes to ask me exactly how a pump works and how I plan for meals.

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LOL… if there is some kind of problem, I can identify as diabetic specifically. Ill take whomever can see me first.

MANAGE, none of them do. Its my job.

I have a team of Endo, Nurse and Nutritionist (specialized for diabetics). They are always working together. When I have an appointment, the 3 of them are there in the same room. They are truly a wonderful team.

Endo. My GP referred me out because I am “atypical” so she didn’t know what to do with me. Especially now that I’m pregnant.

In my paperwork and the one who does my Diabetes-related prescriptions, I see an endocrinologist, and I do still have appointments with him and he is the one that initially put me on an insulin pump (and later CGM, when it became available), but I think that the person whose advice has had the most important, useful, and significant effects is the trainer that helped me learn how to use and tweak the settings for my 670G & Guardian 3 (the trainer I had for my first pump was worthless, if it wasn’t for some of the videos I found online, I probably would never have learned how to correctly insert my pump). They both know about it, of course, but if I could only see one of them, it would be the NP.

My PCP/IM had been treating me for type two with Novolog and Lantus. Then I started having severe lows and saw the nurse practitioner who was bold enough (and smart enough) to refere me to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist Dx type 2 by blood tests, put me on a Dexcom, and switched me to Tresiba. Now I am good! Sometimes a new set of eyes is a good thing!

Endocrinologist is my first choice. When I realized that I am suffering from diabetics that time I went to the Endocrinologist and talk some good suggestion. And this time I walk regularly and to a practitioner to check it how is going on.