What frustrates you more Highs vs Lows?

For myself though I fear any low under 60 the highs frustrate me the most nothing worse then thinking I bolused OK and bam 2+ hours later 180+. Heck I get mad if I am fasting and I am over 100.

Whats your take

The lows definitely! I would prefer to be crabby (high) than an crying emotional nut (low).

The only numbers that I am bothered with are Highs, if they last more than say 8 or 10 hours. Thankfully that seldomly happens. It probably marred me subconsciously when I was 8, some old Ladies talking to each other that I would be blind, have kidney failure, amputations, etc. by the age of 19 - 25 and be dead by 35. I was always told High blood sugar was BAD and I associated Highs with Bad stuff. I had lots of seizures but nothing was ever mentioned about Lows being Bad, except for seizures which I always survived. I did fear the scary, rapid heartbeat during Lows when I was an Adukt but now I do not because I am Hypounnaware. I do test often and don’t panic like I used to and can get BG up successfully and easily. I am Well aware that the Big one can catch me at anytime.

Highs because they’re stubborn & take longer to correct.

Highs. I have had some bad lows, but when my BS is high, it takes awhile to come down & there are too many variables to try and figure out what is wrong.

The lows ALWAYS! I had rather be a pain in the *&^^ yhan not being able to get my body to do what my mind tells it to do.

The lows because they make me feel sooo bad.

Highs - because they are more damaging.
You either survive a low or you die. It’s not that damaging to your body (unless you have a lot of severe lows or unless you are a kid…) But havng high blood sugars makes me worry about secondary complications…
And then there is the psychical side - when I am high I feel hopeless, depressed for no reason. I don’t experience these mood swings in low blood sugars.

I agree the highs. I am sort of used to lows by now but highs usually mean that I counted carbs wrong or a drop off in exercise results?


I don’t find one or the other more frustrating. What I find frustrating is when I can’t figure a reason for the out of range number. Even though I know damn well that for a Type 1 sometimes numbers just happen it still frustrates me. If I know what caused it and can learn from it (like say how to bolus for a particular meal or that my normal walking around town always makes me low), and then do something different next time.

Highs for sure. I don’t get any signs when I have a high and am usually surprised when I see the high #. They are also more damaging to the body. I usually get a sign when I have a low, or my husband can tell when I am low. I do try to remedy both of them ASAP.

or when your low your brain is oxygen deprived if it goes on too long when your passed out and seizing you get brain damage, my dr says.

Highs… It’s alot easier treating Lows… and faster reaction as well to get them up … like 15 min vs hours it can take to get a High Back down…

NLog takes about 2.5 hrs in me to peak it’s full effect… the 1st hr is the least…

and Don’t you just hate it, when your going along nice all day , ave 100’s and then / BAM! 3 hrs after eating Lunch or Dinner and you get a 167 or whatever…

It’s even worse getting a High At Bedtime… Can’t be as aggressive, for fear of going to low… OR? Go ahead and take a usual Correction, but best set the alarm to get up in 2 hrs or so to make sure your not going to go Too Low…

I have been more aggressive treating a High B4 a Meal… If I suspect it’s running High, I will test an hour before eating next, take a CB for that AND take 50% of what my Bolus is going to be for what I’m going to eat… Of course, it depends on How High it is… If not Too bad? I will do this 1/2 hr before eating that next meal…

and I can tell when I’m High, My eyes Burn…like not getting enough sleep…and feel tired to lathargic…

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I think the highs are worse for me. I am a Christian and cannot fast with food or water, but fast with my time, watching television etc. I get very frustrated with the highs - for example yesterday, I did nothing unusual - had my bacon roll with pepper for breakfast and went to 29.7 (33 being the cut off point) mmols! Took a large dose of both fast acting and long acting insulins at 9am and it took me until 5pm to go down to 2.1! I felt awful. Slept in church and felt really sluggish.