Highs vs. Lows

Not sure if this has been done already. Bear with me if so :)

I have a burning question for you guys: If you had to pick between either being high or low (hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic, respectively) which would you choose and why?

Factors to consider:
-Risk of long-term complications
-How each makes you feel
-Which is more dangerous, and in what way
-Anything else you may feel is crucial in choosing a side

You cannot pick lows because they are immediately dangerous. Picking high means you feel rough and does long term damage. I hate them both. I would take highs if I had to choose.

Highs can be somewhat easier to self treat. A low, not so much.

I'm with Super_sally!

Why are you asking the question?

and test frequently enough to catch things. Also includes understanding impact of exercise, illness, alcohol etc.

"Test frequently enough," yes, that's the key to stopping them before they start.

But, and I realize I'm playing devil's advocate here, I'm not sure we know enough about the insulin processing process.

I am considered a "brittle" diabetic, and while some people feel that term is now meaningless, what with CGM and what-not, I believe that we haven't learned all there is to know about how artificial insulins affect each individual.

And learning it will help individuals like myself, who check, check, and recheck (at least 10 times a day), and then analyze, analyze, and re-analyze what we did that resulted in whatever outcome, who believe also believe there is a lot we still don't know about.

No, that was perfect, I totally get what you mean! Thank you for your response :)I love how you based your decision on facts. Kinda convinced me too lol

But highs lead to long-term complications, even if the immediate danger is less than that of lows. Considering that, would you still pick highs?

That's true for some. How do your lows present?
Mine just cause me to feel shaky (but not actually shake), and to feel a weird change in my breathing that I can't quite articulate. It's almost that feeling when something major happens and you kinda hyperventilate after you stop breathing without realizing it. But I don't get psychomotor impairment, thank goodness, so I can usually still correct my lows myself even if I'm in the 40s.

I'm just wondering how general diabetics feel about highs and lows subjectively, and which they prefer based on whatever reasons.

What do you mean by "a 'brittle' diabetic"? I've never heard that term before.

It's an outdated term meaning someone whose diabetes is out of control. These days we know more about the many variables that help us control our blood sugar. I still think that people have varied results though; some people work really hard and still have very variable numbers.

I definitely prefer moderate highs as long as they're not going to put me into dka which I know they won't as long as I have basal insulin and I'm not sick etc. Lows are scary and usually have bad symptoms, they can be non responding for me too. Highs can sometimes take a while to come down but most of the time I can get them down in an hour or two.

Hi Jay,

I like your new name but wonder how to pronounce it?!

I hate highs worse than lows because if I treat a high reasonably it is going to take about 3-4 hours to get back to normal.(I mean a REAL high!) If I treat a low, it's only 15-20 minutes.

And somehow I have less explanations for highs than lows! I don't like to think about short or long term complications just try to handle the matter at hand. I'm lucky to be able to catch and control both high and lows before they get out of hand!

Maybe, maybe not. My last A1C was 6.3, yet I sometimes struggle with low lows and am considered labile or brittle. Some have argued it's a subset within the set of diabetes itself.

Lows as they are easier to treat with 5-10G of carbs. If by "low", you mean passing out and the paramedics are called, well, I guess I'd rather run higher but treating with carbs isn't a huge deal and is a reasonable trade-off to get very tightly controlled BG.

Miss a high you've got some time, miss a low... baaaad things happen.

Given a magic wand, lows would cease to exist forever.

A choice between swimming with a great white shark or being barefoot, in a small dark room with angry, venomous baby pit vipers. Can I choose to play with neither -wg-?

Not really. I was only on Lantus and glipizide and had high couple months ago. I felt helpless because all i could do is drink water and try not to sleep because i was so tired. I tested for hours it was going down so slow. This is like seasaw no one likes to be up or down but in the middle. I know lows are scary in between but if you are able to eat and wait for it to go up

It's read as "Aketeku Sora", meaning "Dawning sky" :3

And I completely agree with you, Mari-san ^_^

I'd rather be low than high, not only avoiding possible long-term complications, but also allowing me to eat glucose tablets or something sweet. I happen to love the taste of glucose tablets, especially tropical punch, orange and grape. XD

LOL A nice metaphor. Point taken :3