What I do when I'm home alone and low

Oh irrational low-bloodsugar mind. No. Drinking a grape juice, then eating 3 glucose tabes, a banana, two fig newtons and three squares of chocolate WASN'T a good idea after all.

I'm an idiot.

Haha, yup, totally been there…

Is that you ?

A month ago today, in fact I was preparing to go to the airport for a 5 day trip. I was a new pump routine and took the the most conservative option to assure I wouldn't likely go low while checking in and going through TSA. Didn't feel just right prior to leaving and was in the 60's. Glu tabs, OJ and likely a cookie. A guy got to make after all. Still OK by lunch , so I had a chicken sandwich & salad. That did it, since my post two hour was 271! Don't feel bad. We all do it on occasion. Sometimes I just use it as an excuse to eat!!!!

I lit a 1/2 gallon of ice cream on fire once. It was really frozen and I wanted to defrost it but got all lost in the "wait, the microwave is inside out..." conundrum so I put it in the broiler, the phone rang...*sniff sniff* "oops"

My pharmacist told me to google glucagon kit and there should be a coupon for 75% off of the kit. When I went today to pick mine up it was $143 with my insurance coverage!

That is totally me, Sag. EXACTLY! My boyfriend is constantly saying, "take more," so he's useless at helping the situation. ;-)

Oh I have so been there... How to go from crummy to crappy in zero to 6 0 !! Dont kick your self your sugarjustdid ! I call this Sugar stupid! We've all done it. It's okay.

omg. it's like giving water to someone who was just lost in the desert, isn't it? something about the body going into auto-pilot in the hopes of staying alive... ;) i could never even begin to explain this to a non-diabetic! :D

No different for us T2's using insulin either! I've had two of those -- quite serious lows at night that woke me up. Started with the 15 skittles, but something in your brain a few minutes later makes you absolutely certain it wasn't enough, so you eat more or something else, and it just goes on and on until enough sugar kicks in you start to feel better.

30 minutes later your soaring, and not feeling better any more. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!