What i take in

ok, lets c,

cereal w/ milk toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes,

roastbeef sandwhich hero, apple pie, suger free pudding, cookies

crackers, cheese, beer, ribs, macoronie salad, potato salad, cole slaw, hot dogs, steak, …

LOL have you called the paramedics yet??

LOL!!! Exactly what I was thinkin!

Why bother with the sugar free pudding?

I think the cynicism being thrown at you by others is ignorant. Because THEY can’t handle carbs doesn’t mean NO diabetic can handle them. There are SOME on insulin who are lucky enough to be able to handle it. Don’t know why that is, it just is. I ate 2 cups of white rice last night and less than 2 hours later my BG was 40. Ask another diabetic and they’d have said I was lying, I must surely have been 400. Shrug Eat what you can handle.

There are a couple fallacies to the “eat whatever you want as long as you can handle it” school of diabetes management. If your blood sugar was 40 at two hours, Kari, that is a problem in and of itself! And I would wonder what it was earlier. Rebounding from highs to lows is just as bad as staying high. Second of all if people eat whatever they will use more insulin, and the more insulin you use the more danger of error (Bernstein’s Law of Small Numbers). Also it will be easy to develop Insulin Resistance which gives you a whole other issue to deal with. I’m lucky because I don’t have the temptation to do this because I’m at the age where if I eat more I’ll easily gain weight and that is a deterrant to me. Weight gain and insulin resistance are not small things to consider in addition to how those foods affect blood sugar. Just “food for thought”…so to speak.

And as for the cynicism being thrown at the OP, doesn’t his post sort of sound like a challenge?

I have to agree w/ Zoe that it sounds like a challenge but I am not sure what the goal of the challenge would be? My favorite breakfast is probably corned beef hash and biscuits & gravy. A lot of times, I don’t eat that much b/c I did for a long time and got bigger (275 lbs) and it has been a lot of work to get where I am now (190 lbs).

I enjoy things more splitting my days, breakfast and lunch I don’t eat a whole lot of carbs and I eat nuts/ cheese between meals most of the dime. For dinner I splurge a bit more. I am usually fairly stationary in the evenings, most days I work out when I get home from work so I sort of ‘set the table’ for a meal w/ 50-75G of carbs not to push my BG up that much and, if I overshoot and am headed for the roaring 40s bg wise, I have a couple of higher carb beers to take the edge off, in more ways than one? A1C is ok and my standard td deviation, at least as logged by my pump, isn’t all that crazy so I think that carbs can be done without a huge risk.

That being said, I don’t see why anyone would eat cereal and toast and pancakes all at the same time? Or cookies and pie? Or ribs, steak and beer? Is there some sort of contest going on? I will eat all of that stuff here and there but ‘steak’ and ‘ribs’ are sort of mutually exclusive on the grill too, w/ ribs needing long, slow cooking and steak being tastier with a quick sear over higher heat? The scenario doesn’t make sense.

I do think that what you eat can be a YMMV thing. Rice actually is not a problem food for me because of gastroparesis. Like Zoe, I worry about the weight because I am not very active so high carb foods are not good choices for me. A couple months ago in one of the “eat what you want” threads, DWQ made the comment about looking at what someone’s A1c is when they say stuff like what the OP said. I did that and his A1c is not exactly great so I don’t think that he has figured out how to properly dose for the stuff he is eating.

If I ate like that, I’d weigh 300 lb.!!! But then I’m an old, 5’3" female, not a big, young male like you are, LOL!!
I didn’t think the comments were cynical – I thought they were humorous. And if I could handle eating like that, I’d go for it, too!
Or maybe Eric’s just being humorous, too! :slight_smile:

“young male” LOL

Are you saying old men can’t eat like that either? Not that I am calling you old because I have a few years on you!

Kari, I am so jealous that you are able to handle so much rice. Was last night out of the ordinary or can you handle so much on a regular basis? envy

I can only handle anything more than tasting portions of carb if I’ve run a marathon (or equivalent) beforehand. On holiday in Milan last month I walked and walked and walked all day then at dinner had crusty bread, potatoes, risotto and pasta. Small portions of each but enough to make me happy. Four foods that I would normally never even touch, not to mention all four together in the same meal! I actually went low after that too.

300? I would top the scales at 350! LOL! Me I only eat one meal a day and sometimes that’s to much! LOL! Before everyone gets off on me about only eating one meal a day there’s this thing out there called gasteroprasis and kinda makes it to where it hurts to eat.

That said are you in to my cousin who eats like that? LOL!

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage!

Why would anyone eat 2 cups of white rice? I’m kind of grossed out.

I am happy to see another who eats and covers food with insulin rather than drastically reducing carbs for the sole purpose of using less insulin. Avoiding or drastically reducing a major food group (carbohydrate) is not necessarily healthier for a Type 1. Perfect blood sugars are not possible for my niece, who is Type 1, even if no food was consumed the entire day. A snickers bar results in better blood sugars one, two and three hours post than an apple. Ice cream, ditto. Cereal, cookies, apple pie are problematic and we avoid bringing these foods into the house in the first place. There is no reason a Type 1 has to reduce carbs in the manner of a Type 2. Not arguing with the fact that moderate carb consumption is easier on the blood sugars, but there are techniques that can be used to bring down the postprandial numbers. I don’t get the emphasis with reducing insulin usage on this board?

When I lived in Japan (before diabetes – more than 40 years ago!) I was taught to eat 3 bites of rice for each bite of entree. At that time, Japan was not the rich country it is today, and people were very budget conscious. Rice was cheaper than other foods, so they ate a lot of rice. It was not uncommon to see people eat 3 or 4 bowls (about a cup each) of rice with each meal.
I would still eat like a traditional Japanese if I could handle the carbs.

The snickers and ice cream result in better BGs because the fat in them slows down the absorption of the glucose. However, I wouldn’t recommend them as a healthy diet!
This is NOT a Type 1/Type 2 difference. Any diabetic will spike from a good helping of carbs without protein or fat to slow it down. So your niece could probably eat that apple if she had it after a roast beef sandwich with lots of beef on it. And some mayonnaise for good measure!
That said, many of us here limit our carbs because we get better BG and weight results. Of course, we are dealing with adult metabolisms. A child needs more calories to support growth, and those can come from carbs. But children also tend to have wider BG swings because of the hormones related to growth and development, and control can be very difficult. I don’t think there have been any studies on limiting carbs in children.
In the end, each person has to do what works – and if a lot of people find that limiting carbs works, then that’s what they need to do!

Natalie, it depends how you define ‘traditional Japanese’. You can still have the miso soup, all the tofu products, sashimi, most of the ‘main course’ dishes without the rice. I do miss sushi but reminded myself - if I had to choose between not being able to eat the raw fish or the rice, better to have to make do without the rice, right? Post-dx I also realized that grated daikon is sooooo delicious and now load up on it with sashimi. Somehow the whiteness and Japaneseness of it goes some way in making up for the absence of the rice.

I agree with your observation that low carb solutions are very popular here. I think that’s because they helmp make it eaiser for people to control their BG?

I am not sure how to explain your Snickers observation. It would be interesting to do a perhaps more scientific study of that to see what sort of results people would get? One big advantage that the Snickers would have would be that the carbs are measured in a manufactory manner and the apple is subject to considerable variance?

I don’t have ‘problems’ with cereal, cookies or apple pie either while having pretty decent numbers most of the time. I am not shy about eating carbs but I try to moderate them, as much for the pantsometer as the glucometer. That being said, if I am conservative with the carbs during the week, I get very smooth and stable numbers a lot of the time and, now that I’ve survived past 40, I am interested in seeing how well I can do?