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Man, some mornings............

If I don't eat breakfast, I end up taking way more insulin throughout the morning, than if I do eat breakfast!

Yeah, didn't eat this morning, and it's a bad habit.

Someone mentioned this in another discussion (maybe it was you :-)), and I thought I'd try out this apparently paradoxical physiological response.

I seem to be having a psychological barrier to it. I just can't seem to put anything in my mouth when the G4 arrow is point upward, and the BG is already over 120.

As I'm typing this, I just got the high alarm on my G4, set for 140.


Okay, I'm going to eat something.

Same here. If I don't eat breakfast I rise 50-100 points even when I take a bit of insulin and start with a normal blood sugar.

If I wake up with a high bg, I am most succesful if I go into "use of excessive force in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been authorized" mode and take a gonzo huge bolus and also eat at the same time.

What would work at other times of day (delay eating) just makes it worse in the morning.


Tim, Jen, advice on foodstuffs? Go no carb and have bacon and eggs? Or, would a bowl of wheeties, pre-bolused with the correct dose, just make things worse?

Toughest of all, I've been skipping breakfast for so long I don't have an appetite in the morning. It'll be force-feeding for awhile until my brain/body readjusts, and expects food at that time of day.

I can't eat anything like cereal or any other "simple" carbs without going really high afterward. I eat 1/3 cup oatmeal, some frozen berries, almond milk, and cinnamon, and some cheese for protein. It works out to 25 grams of carbohydrates and seems to work for me. I tried a million types of cereal before giving up. I did find a combination of the "Fibre1" type cereals (not sure if they are only Canadian, though) with almond milk is the best, but even that spikes me if I eat it in the morning, though at other times of day it's fine.

Thanks for the great advice, Jen!

Oatmeal low on the glycemic index? I love oatmeal.

I'm guessing cream of wheat, on the other hand, is probably like pouring dextrose down one's throat, which if true, is a bummer.

Guess it's a whole package of Oscar Meyer Center Cut bacon for breakfast tomorrow

I do real well eating sprouted wheat bread with a thick cover of natural (no sugar added) peanut butter. I eat, bolus up front and the peanut butter slows everything down so that I often am lower at 2 hours than when I started...

Nice... love chunky peanut butter.

Think I'll try that tomorrow morning with a just a few banana slices.

Is your basal pattern starting at about 1:00 a.m. working? If I don't eat breakfast, my BG usually (there's always exceptions!) goes sideways. If you have to eat in the morning to maintain normal BGs then perhaps your morning bolus is making up for a basal shortfall. Have you considered doing a basal test?

I was 109 fasting this AM, ate 1 egg and a piece of sausage,took 4 units of Novolog. I was 240 at the 1 hour mark, thirsty, irritable etc, etc. Good grief, I can't seem to win!

189 at the 2 hour mark-frustrating for sure! I had a Dr appointment today for a follow up on the Lyrica I'm taking for my neuropathy, and got a referral to an endocrinologist for a pump(possibly)-also increased the Lyrica which seems to be helping. Hope it all works out!

Being the old fashioned gal I eat breakfast every morning ; Greek joghurt , fruit( mostly apple including the skin ...but also seasonal fruit: peach, grapes from neighbour , ) , recently almond milk , low carb but hardly any protein in it !!,steel cuts oats prep'd with milk ( by Hubby :) ) ..what I some times neglect to do is get of my butt and exercise !!! total of 2.45 u .I have great difficulty eating out and try to keep it as simple as possible ...for the next 9 breakfasts :(