Woke up to a LOW (63)Alarm but BG was High ( 187)

I am new the MM CGM. 9Just 3 days)

I was awoken at 4 AM with a LOW READING and when I went and tested found that the CGM was reading over 100 lower then my BG was.

CGM 63
BG 187

I calibrated on and the CGM went to 138 and in the last 1/2 hr has dropped to 119.

Any one run into this before ?


Thanks for the advice. I must have aayed on it overnight and restricted the fluids. IS climbing to be closer. I wil watch today.

Thanks for the advice.


I also find with a new sensor insertion that it takes a day and a half to get settled in for me - I keep my sensor for 6 days or longer as long as I am getting good numbers with BG checks. I just re-start it after it ends. I have had great success with the MM sensor, but I found you have to have patience (as with any CGM) until it settles.

That happens to mine when I sleep on it - in other words, if it’s in my butt and I sleep on my back the sensor readings drop and stay down. I posted about this phenomenon awhile ago and several said it happened to them - change the pressure on the sensor and it throws off the calibration.

I agree completely with this too - if any pressure at all while sleeping happens, it goes low for me too.

I used MM for about 3 years, first 2 years so-so readings, last year yuck. Switched to Dex, just started but way better readings both night and day. My problems with MM - nighttime I would typically “flatline”, sensor always inserted in abdomen -it had trouble keeping up with changes when I was still. Day time, I assumed because I was moving around, readings would be somewhat more consistant. If I sat still for long time, i.e. long car trip, again, faulty readings. If I would massage around the site of insertion, readings would tend to be more normal. I learned that sometimes with calibrations, and also based on ISIG number (if lower number may not work) but when readings way off and movement/massage did not begin to reset the readings, that if I calibrated with the new number, then 15 min later again, then 15 min later again, then 15 min later again (4X in 1 hr) I may not have to restart to see if I could get accurate readings again. And forget about sleeping on it! It was not happy then! Good luck!