What is "Advanced Type 1 Diabetes?"

I keep reading about studies that are trying to treat “advanced type 1 diabetes.” What is this? How is it different from regular type 1 diabetes? Does this just mean all your beta cells are dead?

Basically it’s anyone like us who isn’t recently diagnosed. If you are LADA and not yet on frequent doses of insulin and your own body is still handling most of your insulin needs then you do not have advanced type 1.

Love me some new labels. Advanced? Regular?? How about Expert I’ll take that one. LOL I think “ADVANCED TYPE 1 DIABETES” is a made up label. Treatment for T1 is pretty cut and dry, so making up new types makes for good marketing and studies.


“Advanced” means that you know way more about diabetes than your doctors. Your docs basically had like half a day of training on T1 in med school so it’s not tough to reach “Advanced”.


It means when you were diagnosed 40 years ago, everyone told you that a cure was just 5 years away. And you’ve been told the same “5 years away” every year for the past 40 years.


Seriously, 99% of the references for “ADVANCED TYPE 1 DIABETES” are to Faustman.




Maybe it’s related to the stages of T1 they came up with that include pre-symptomatic T1? In that classification system, “Stage 3” is the most advanced stage and includes all of us who have T1 and require insulin to treat. A vast majority of treatment and cure research focuses only on newly-diagnosed people who still have a substantial amount of insulin production.


By all explanations given, I apparently have “advanced” type 1 diabetes.

I tend to agree most with the idea of them just assigning new ridiculous labels to make their research sound more pressing. Whatever works I suppose…


I’m personally going for AP Type 1. I think there’s a special exam you have to take.


I tell non-diabetics everyone was told this and continues to be told this and NO ONE BELIEVES ME! I wish I could upvote this sucker.

I would think that “advanced” means that you are into the stage where complications exist. After 32 years and some major eye issues, I consider myself advanced.


Lol. Took me 6 years to train my Endo. We get along great now speak up with what you know. Ask what you dont know


LOL, right on Terry! I must be post-advanced since I’ve had Type 1 60+ years and inform my endroconologist more about it than she knows!


It took me many years to appreciate the huge disparity between what I know about my diabetes and what my doctor knows. I can’t blame the doc, I’ve lived with my diabetes every minute of every day for the last 34 years. S/he only sees me for 20 minutes or so four times per year while also following dozens of other patients.

It’s always a challenge to me to gently remind my provider of this stark reality without appearing arrogant.


I could not agree more !!!

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I had one doc tell me “I am the EXPERT” because I went to medical school which you did NOT.

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Hey 50/40 years ago they called it Diabetes Mellitus and never Type 1 or 2 which came later, so now we have another name.
But I would say after 50 years I must be Advanced, much farther advanced than the 30+ year old health care provider “treating” me.



I was diagnosed as a Juvenile Onset and that’s what I still call myself. My endo always says I’m sorry when she calls me a type 1. I tell her she can say I have pink elephant. I don’t care. I have juvenile onset and that’s that. My endo doesn’t argue with me. We talk things through. She went to medical school. I have lived life.

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