What is best way to keep track of BSs, etc?

I have tried a few…

  1. hard copy = gets crumpled, coffee stains, blood stains, gets lost!
  2. online copy = not always accessible
  3. stop keeping track! = not good for my blood sugars!
  4. help!

When you use a hard copy what type of hard copy do you use? Do you use the logbook for your meter or do you use just a piece of paper? Can you upload your meter reading to the computer?

I set up a document on my computer so that I can keep track of them. My doctor does not accept reports being emailed to her so, I wait until I have to turn them into the doctor before I print them out.

This may not work for you, but I have an iphone and there’s a great app that allows you not only to keep track of bs but also insulin, carbs, and then trends them for you. It works for me as I always have my phone with me.


Thanks guys for your suggestions…I think I am going to get the cable to download my meter:) The only hesitation I have had in the past is that the software is never really that good. I have made my own sheet and shrunk it to fit in my day planner…problem is I HAVE to have my day planner w/ me everywhere! I like to input data at point of event, to see all my data together and room for more detail…bg, insulin, food, etc…even tried Ultra Smart meter years ago…and found it did not offer the choices I want in recording info and I ended up not using many of the functions. I bet the Apple ap is more intuitive and likely offers more options for data collection…but, do not have an iPhone. Played around w/ the Abbott software yesterday and ended up downloading and searched for a cheap cable…I will give it a try again:) Hard to say unless I use it. My meter is really the only thing I can be for certain I have w/ me everywhere:) wish they would make the software more functional. If you have found one that IS very good…let me know. Thanks again, appreciate everyone’s input.