What is CHO mean

Is that some kinda doctor or lab work acronym?

It just means carbohydrate as far as I know. That’s what Dr. Bernstein shortens it to in his book.


If you add an ‘O’ and repeat it you can get - “The Little Engine That Could” …

(I’ll see myself out!)


it is the airport code for Charlottesville Albemarle Airport ( CHO )

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hehehe, thats as good of an answer as anything. It must be crossword puzzle Sunday.

Carbohydrate refers to the chemical make up of this nutrient class. Carbo means carbon, while hydrate means water, a combination of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

All carbohydrates, including sugar, therefore contain the same three elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

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All right, then. You confirm googles answer. That must be it.
We wouldn’t get anywhere without our Canadian friends.
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