What Is Hope?

Hope is something you can’t quite put your finger on, can’t exactly describe but is something we all strive to hold dear. It sits within our soul and lights the path which leads us. It warms our heart and whispers soft words into our ear. It wraps around us to make us feel safe and secure as if nothing can harm us. It shines in our memory the vivid and treasured images of the future we’ve dreamed of our entire life. It plays for us the soothing tunes that relax us and make everything seem ok. Hope is constant and always there but in order to feel all of the above we must open our eyes and our hearts. We must reach out and grasp hope. Without hope in our life then our path will seem dark and our future will seem bleak. It is when we entertain hope that we begin to pull from the difficulties we endure and focus on the true meaning of life, the real blessings we’ve been given. It is hope that brings to life our dreams and ushers us into our new life, whatever it may be.