Holding Your Hand


Every moment seems like eternity when you are going through a situation alone. Many times we go through things by ourselves because we choose to. We tend to take inward the pain and suffering that we endure instead of reaching out and giving others the opportunity to hold our hand and be there for us. However, when we take a kind person’s hand and hold onto it as we travel roads of discouragement and paths of disappointment we often find at the end of the ordeal that we got through it better than we thought we would have. Often we learned some very valuable lessons as a result. Perhaps that extra support by that guiding hand made all the difference. When we are going through a difficult period in our life it truly does help to reach out to others and allow them to support you through it.

When I have gone through difficult periods in life I had this desperate feeling that someone needed to save me. I was seeking information to find a way to stop whatever the problem was rather than find a way to live with it. What I needed was not to be rescued but to be supported. I had been so obsessed with rescuing myself and trying to find a way to make it all go away that I hadn’t allowed my family to support me. I had a life line thrown at me by my family but I had just left it dangling in those unsteady waters instead of grabbing it and pulling myself up to safety.

I hope that each of you will grab the hand of support that is extended to you when you are facing adversity. Whether this be a hand from a family member or friend. I hope that you’ll quickly take it and grip it ever so tightly and allow their strength and love to flow through you and help you get through whatever you must face.