What is worse than depression?

In my world…Haveing Type 2 bipolar as well as having diabetes is challenging enough. Having to live with a family member who is ALSO bi polar but is in denial and therefore never medicated.

Well lets just say…when I wake up in a good mood…ready to take on the day…WHAMO!

I came to the conclusion many years ago…she is ALWAYS right and I certainly am ALWAYS wrong. I never argue with her… there is no point…I quickly apologise…as I dont care to engage with her madness. That seems to ■■■■ her off more.

Her generation doesn’t believe in depression… its always just about going through the change of life. After having a hysterectomy 30 years ago… you would think she would catch on.

I know thats just not going to happen.

Bi polar depression is heretitary. My grandmother had it, my mother has it, and I have it.

The only difference between us… I am medicated.

There are not enough “happy pills” on the planet to deal with her today. I could really use a cigarette right now… unfortunatley… I quit 3 weeks ago.


Thanks… it really wasnt too hard… some of the meds I am on are also used for people who want to quit.
I have cravings sometimes…they get fewer and farther away… today… I REALLY wanted one…but I didn’t. I would likely pass out now if i did!

I have a twin sister that likes to ■■■■ me off for any reason under the sky, I could say the sky is so blue, and she would tell me in the meanest way it is not blue at all… its like life, I love it, and she finds everything wrong with it…She blew up and cused at my mom for my Mom asking if she could help with dinner. I had to put water on this fire, and calm both down. It was crazy…My Sisiter can’t ever see that she has patience like a Nat, and explodes many times a day…She alwasy thinks she is right and I am wrong…I have said to, No Happy Pill would help her, she would fight and overide the good of it. If she is Bi-polar which I think she is, she would hurt me bad for sayig that,…so I truly understand what your going through…
And today was one more day to add to your 3 weeks, I am so proud of you:) I hope your night is a good one:) Debbie

I think the thing that drives me nuts the most… is a few minutes later… she’s in the kitchen singing away like nothing ever happend!! She tries soooo hard to get my goat… and once she feels she succeeds…tralalalala!!!
I kid you not I NEVER argue with her…I always agree… I always say sorry even if I have done nothing wrong…I actually work in the personal development field…and if a client came to me with this issue I would likely advise to talk it out with the person. I did once… try to talk to her and reason with her… she locked herself in her room for a week!!! I kid you not!
So I realised that you cant reason with someone with this disorder…especially if they are not medicated. Most of the time she is as sweet as pie and would do anything for anyone. And it seems she only does this “THING” with me… so I figure I will save the world and take it…because she needs an outlet for this madness…I am likely the only one who CAN! She is actually the main reason why I got into this field… to try to understand her!!!
It’s been like this since I was a small child…and I thought for many years that I was a bad person because I made her so mad all the time. I actually tried to commit suicide when I was 16…I just couldn’t take it anymore. And because of that I had to be assessed by a Psychiatrist…The first meeting was with me and my mother. she wouldn’t even let me talk!!! When I was asked a question… she would answer for me. Needless to say…the next appt. was by myself and the adivce I was given was to leave home!!! LOL I did. but off and on I would feel horrible…miserable…for no reason. I was afraid I would end up like her… because she was just like her mother!
I went to a specialist…and was put on meds… thank goodness!!!
I just wish some days… I could sneak it into HER food! LOL

Really tempting to sneak some pills into her food :slight_smile: I had a bipolar boss who decided he was cured & went off his lithium. It became so bad that I quit, even though I loved my job. His episodes were intolerable. Sorry that you feel like a whipping post for your mother’s moods. Very difficult for you.

Well… At least I can vent on these blogs!!! Makes it much easier!!!