What is your BG level when you awake in the morning

Mine is about 90 or so. Once in a while it is 115 or so. Should I be concerned when I wake up at 115 or 120. If we are supposed to keep our BG levels as close to non diabetics they are about 80 when they awake, (based on checking family members) it scares me that I am 120 all night.

I like it to be in the 80s? I will wake up and check my CGM, I know that if the trend is going down, it may be a bit lower and so I'll fix it but I like it to be lower because then breakfast isn't as much of a chore. I am concerned by anything > 100 as it sometimes will go up a shade around 6:00-6:30.

Hi Rich

Your fasting sounds great. I wouldn't worry if you occasionally wake up at 115 or 120. Variation in numbers kind of comes with the territory. But if it becomes a pattern then you want to consider making changes in your basal. In general, I do correct highs and treat lows (under 60) but I don't let them freak me out. When I see patterns, that's when I look to change something (such as I:C ratio or basals). I'm currently on MDIs, in the process of getting a pump. I think people on MDIs are more cautious with change because we can only change whole numbers, but I don't think that is too different on a pump-you still look for patterns.

I don't have DP so I don't worry if I wake up at 115 or 120 that I will continue to climb.