What is your BG when you awake and before meals

I am normally 80-90 when I awake and before meals about 95. Is that what most people are? Or is that too high or low? What are your numbers?

Your a T1 , you ave. 80-90’s when you get up? and No hypo’s over nite?
and you use MDI-syringes or a Pump?

In either case?
I’d Kneel Down at your Bed tonite and Give thanks and do the same every Morning you get up like this…and enjoy it while you can…

I might get 3 or 4 AM’s like that, but the others? 120-150’s for no apparent reason…
If I go to bed and am above 120? I have to (a) take a Correction Bolus and (b) take my Levimire and © Set my Alarm for 3 hrs and be ready to take another CB…
But I have to use MDI and not a Pump…

Sounds like perfection to me! Wow I wish I could get down that low for the morning…It’s tough because my dinners sometimes linger into the night (usually really low glycemic).

Yeah I try to eat dinner at 630pm and not have anything else to eat or any insulin for about 3 hours before bedtime. So I go to bed at about 100 or so and wake up at like 88 or so every morning. My overnight basal rate is perfect

I’m anywhere between 150 to 300. Good thing for CGM to PROVE to my dr that MDI ISN’T working and we need to switch to the pump. I wished i had those #s when I wake up.

Can you just increase your basal dose?

Those numbers are perfect! Congratulations. My guess is that you are still honeymooning, as numbers that stable are hard to consistenty achieve as time goes on. Either way, congrats on your hard work and keep it up!

my dr can only increase the dosage. I’m on the mix humalog pen and not doing corrections. I’m working on getting onto the pump. Which will make me much happier

This is why your current phase is called “honeymoon phase”. It lasts 1 to 2 years until the last beta cells are taken out by the immune system. After that you will see how friendly or hostile your D will behave - this is all very individual and uncertain. Just prepare yourself mentally that waking up with 90 will be an achievement - a result of efford, preparation and will (and some luck).


You don’t need your doctor to adjust your dose. We all change & fine tune our doses constantly ourselves. Why aren’t you correcting highs?

It sounds like she’s on a 70/30 mix, Gerri, which precludes corrections. It’s almost like her doctor set her up for failure on MDIs.

Hey Rich I’m in the HoneyMoon stage of T1 DX in March this year ,My numbers are almost like yours but what time in the morning do you check your BG . If I get up around 8 am my BG is 80s - 90s But if at 9-10 am they are 70s-80s dose this happened to you. On the ping still working on a lower night time basel rate.
No hypo’s at night but sometimes have trouble sleeping

Let me no please

I get up around 7am and my numbers are 80ish. If I sleep until 9am on the weekends they are still around 80ish. The only time I go hypo at night is occasionally if I am out late and eat something and go to bed at like 1am and bolus at like 11pm (which I shouldn’t do). But if I go to sleep at 10pm or so and my last bolus is 3 hours prior I never go low., I wake up maybe twice a week at 3am to test (because I have to pee) and test and I am like 90 and wake up about the same.

When Mom got here she was used to operating at around 200-300 (I know, high…). Right now we have her down to about 120-160 as “normal”. When she goes below 110 she shakes and totally zones out. She is T2, and uses a Medtronic pump. Lantus injection at bedtime.

Hubby and I are non-diabetic, but when we test, we are at around 90ish, post-meal.

sounds like your doctor has control issues - you need to be able to adjust and fine-tune on your own - any doctor that “doesn’t let you” needs to be fired!!

I am normally about 120ish 2hrs after a meal and about 95-100 before the next meal which is like 5 hours later.

I am trying to keep it flat around 90 at all times. Sometimes Im successful and sometimes not. I usually go to bed at around 90 and wake up around 75. I changed that today (4am basil -.5) and work up at 95. Generally before I eat Im 80-90 with PP of 100 and then back to 80-90 after digestion.

You are fortunet that your honeymooning is so stable. When I was DXed I would sometimes produce insulin, then seem to quit. A bit later would get random numbers and seem to be producing insulin again. Those are great numbers. Keep it up!

Holger is that 2 year to end honeymooning from a study? Ive never heard of honeymooning estimated to last a specific time period before.

I can understand after meals being that high, but waking up that high is very disheartening. You should definitely use a higher basal and try to switch to the pump if you can.

I’m a T1 on the pump. Morning I’m always in the 70’s or 80’s. Once or twice a month I have mild hypos at night(in the upper 50s or 60s). Before meals I’m generally 70’s to 90’s. Postprandials run 110-130 most of the time (unless I screw up my carb count). I think the key for me was taking the time to adjust my basals correctly. Last A1c was 5.7. I will admit to some very mild lows, usually not below 65. Since getting my basals right I’ve only had one or two readings under 50 and again, it was me messing up my carb count. I learn from that every time I do it so hopefully can continue to get better with those. My feeling is if I’m 75 before the meal I can go up 40 points postprandial and still be just 115. If I start at 120, I still go up 40 points which puts me at 160. I like the first scenario better.