What is your Diabetes Tip?

Do have a simple tip that may help a newbie/veteran out in managing there Diabetes?

Here is one…If you brown bag your lunch for work or school. Write down the total number of Carbs on the bag so that you can pre meal bolus (if you bolus). When you brown bag, you will no longer have the labels in front of you to do the dreaded math.

this may be lame, but I need to hear it.

Do not despair, enlist the help of others, especially others walking the same path as you.

Always be prepared! Have your emergency kit with you at all times (backup supplies including glucose). If you wear an insulin pump, what can go wrong will go wrong, and have your backup system with you and ready to go (fast acting insulin, long acting insulin, needles).

And live life to the fullest–go whole hog.

Have an extra meter or two or three.

Get a good scale, one that calculates carbs like EatSmart.

Fire doctors who don’t listen & don’t treat you with respect.

Keep a current glucagon emergency injection kit on hand. They expire (something I forget to replace).

When the diabetes gods play their mischievous tricks, remember that tomorrow is another day.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Remember to take your meds and tests as perscribed .
Celebrate life.
Volunteer .
Mentor other people living with diabetes.
Hang out with friends and family .

I totally agree on the “Fire doctors”. I have done that.

HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been a diabetes camp counselor for 9 years, and it has changed my life!!!

Also, friends, family, teachers, colleagues…everyone should know, and everyone should rally you on!!


Take charge of your own health habits. Don’t let others dictate your care. Above all, listen to your body and figure out what works for YOU and let your physician know. Get rid of your doctor when they want to just lump you into the D group. You are 1 person and things don’t always work the same way for you that they do for everyone else. Make sure you are treated as an individual diabetic with a brain, not just a log book full of numbers.

I agree with Joe here! Other’s walking this path will know what your talking about almost always!

Great Suggestions.

Here is my Tip for the D Day… Check out other online sights for people with diabetes. It is great therapy to see that there other people out there that deal with the same issues. Six Until Me, Diabetesmine, Tudiabetes are my favorite. Check them out daily like you are reading your own personal newpaper column.

When you feel high or low test and treat high/low blood sugars right away don’t wait!!!

Very good Test! Don’t Guess.

Be your own best friend as far as your diabetes is concerned. You are your own advocate, don’t expect that your doc or anyone else will it for you. If you have questions, ask the questions, and find the answers that make sense to you about your situation. If you have problems, have a team put together, who will be able to help you deal with the problems. Keep a good attitude, not perfect, not always positive, but a good attitude about yourself. You are NOT defective, you have a disease that there is work involved in keeping you healthy. Do those things that need to be done…don’t take NO for an answer.

AND REMEMBER: Make the healthiest choices possible for yourself at all times and in all situations. They may not be the healthiest choice there is, but is it the healthiest choice for you at the time? If not, then change the choice or the circumstances. It may not be the healthiest choice for your mate or your best friend, but this is about you. Make healthy choices about food, meds, exercise, lifestyle, etc. This is for your life, not anothers.

Equipt oneself with information. Educate oneself with our condition… Knowledge is cobfidence and power.

Realize the importance of regular excercise.
Keep as much processed/modified/overcooked and over acidic foods out of your system as possible
Keep a log of food intake and the negative or positive effects various food groups have on you (moods, highs and lows etc} and modify accordingly.
Keep researching continuously changing diabetes management regimes.
Stay positive

me too!! i have fired several doctors that just won’t listen!! it’s YOUR healthcare, adjust accordingly! :wink:
yes, tomorrow IS another day…what’s going wrong today will be a completely different story tomorrow
and definitely don’t take things too seriously…life is too short to get all stressed out!

Minimize your caffeine intake. I switched to caffeine free drinks and my numbers leveled out in a huge way. It will also help reduce cravings as you won’t have a stimulant messing with your metabolism…


Always remember your meter ,backup batteries, another meter, test strips, insulin, glucose tabs, gels or something to treat your lows, emergency numbers case they need to call ice on your cell. And if you on a trip bring prescriptions my be hard to get if your on vacation, if your going to airport bring doctors note stateing DIABETIES! and need to have your suppilies on board.And if someone is being a FOOD POLICE/CRITIC saying you or your child should not be eating that tell them thanks for your concern but there is no such food that i cannot have in maderation. and last I knew you are not my certified diabeties educater lol:), Remember to get your eyes check yearly this is very important in prevention as my brother just had numerous 500 zaps in his eyes and thats not because he is out of control his a1c is 5 something, Foot care is a must yearly to prevent complications,and of coarse your physicals and seeing your endo every cople of months. And staying in touch with your cde. What you dont have one? you should find one. Mine is a angel sent from above. Last but not least if your a parent of a child or diabetic or friend or co worker. Were still people and were still US!!! Just different adjusted lifesyles.

Thank you great suggestions. I know i need to work on the exercise thing