What is your favorite Diabetic Cookbook and Why?

I myself like Magic Foods for Better Blood Sugar. Mainly because it has great diabetic recipes and it explains the glycemic index, as well as having great explanations of the type of foods that you should eat and the ones you shouldn’t. Even giving reasons as to why and why not? Check out my site for other diabetic cookbooks.

eat this not that


it’s a very visual book on eating, it’s not a cook book but it does show better supermarket and fast food choices that you can make. It really made me start looking at labels(doesn’t teach you how to read a label, downside) and comparing them to similar brands. Also it has quick information on good foods, verses a boring drawn out book on healthy eating (a ada book comes to mind). Eating is visual, and this book splurges on the visual.

When you say “splurges on the visual” what exactly do you mean by that? Is it visually appealing by the pictures it shows? or is it just appealing by the way a food is described in the book? or am I completely off in my assumption of this book?