BOOK REVIEW - Eat To Beat Diabetes - meals low in carbs/fats and tasty to boot!

I just did a book review about this great Readers Digest cookbook for diabetics wanting to eat healthy and low carb. It actually is such a good book - I may purchase it - which is sort of unusual for me - as I tend to just take out books from the library - photocopy the recipes I like (sort of illegal I know) - but in this case - there are too many pages to copy - along with some great tips for diabetics and even non diabetics on staying healthy.

You can either get a teaser view of my scribbles at this link - which takes you to My Page - or go directly to where my blog is posted a

Just curious to see how many of you have bought diabetic cookbooks over the years (I’ve got a few from CDA) - and how this one compares. Personally, the recipes in this book make me drool over the pages!!!

Thanks for this recommendation. I found the book on ebay, $4.99 free shipping for hardcover. It’s a great cookbook. I didn’t show my hubby the cover, just some of the recipes, which he found enticing. My daughter’s mother-in-law was just diagnosed with diabetes, so I ordered a copy for her. Even on amazon, dealers are selling new copies at more than affordable prices: for those of us on a budget.