What is your favorite free food(s)?

Cucumbers with a little dill sprinkled on them.

Does Diet Coke count, I tend to get away with salad and veg, I mean they don't affect my bg.

I think "free foods" is a concept leftover from the time of exchanges and also from diets where you can have "so much of this and so much of that". Many of us eat a bit more flexibly than that. Also if you mean "free of carbs", I think foods have varying amounts of carbs with varying impacts on our blood sugar. Some of us can eat or drink certain foods without bolusing for them, but for those past their honeymoon we have to bolus for most things. For vegies, for example, I count 1/2 cup cooked and 1 cup raw as 5 carbs each. So my salad bowls which hold about two cups of vegies I count as 10 carbs, assuming of course I don't include higher carb items in my salads.

I don't generally count protein, but when I am eating very low carb, like at breakfast, when I'm eating an omelet with 1/2 cup of vegies I round it up to 6 for the protein so I don't go high. I guess if you snack the concept of free foods that you don't have to bolus for makes more sense, but I don't snack and any meal I eat is going to have some carbs in it and need a bolus. The only things I don't bolus for at all is when I have a glass or two of wine with dinner and I don't bolus for my cappuccinos now that I've started using almond milk.

Like the saying goes, "there's no such thing as a free lunch". (only cheaper ones and more expensive ones!)

I can eat one string cheese without bolusing. I love them, and eat them a lot. I keep some in the office fridge, and some at home. How boring is that?

Zoe is very correct. When I was diagnosed in 1962, "free" foods were encouraged. But in today's world they are no longer considered without carbs or effects on glucose levels. For example, a very small bowl of lettuce will have no countable carbs. Go to a big restaurant salad, the lettuce can raise blood glucose, even without the dressing and other things they now add to salads.

Diet soda, maybe. But the caffeine can raise blood glucose. Coffee? Tea?? no calories but affect on glucose levels? Not so free.....

There is nothing free for a diabetic. Nothing. All food has some kind of impact on blood glucose levels.

I eat a lot of bell peppers. They don't raise my blood sugars at all. I dip them in ranch, which has moderate carbs, maybe a gram per tablespoon.

Thank you. You've all given really good answers that have also answered other questions. Today, for example, when I woke up my BG was 88. I had 32 carbs for breakfast and about 4 hours later I was 213. However, I did have black coffee with no sugar substitute and no milk(which I did not bolus for) in between those 4 hours. So, I'm guessing that's what caused the high.

For me, coffee does absolutely nothing to my blood sugar, though some people do need to bolus a little for it. Can I ask what your breakfast included?

McCanns Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal (maple syrup flavor). Coffee usually doesn't do that to me either. Might have been the oatmeal.

I think that's probably the case.There are people on here who say they can eat oatmeal. But Many of us have the hardest time with carbs at breakfast. My breakfast ratio is only 1:5 and I try and keep the carbs under 20. I used to love cereal and granola, fruit and yogurt was my favorite breakfast. Now I stick with eggs of some kind.

I guess it makes a difference on what you mean by free. I can drink a dry red wine all night without changing my blood sugar. Nothing is really free.

Coffee (caffeine) kind of depends..I will have a week or two where coffee sends my glucose readings off the charts. Next week, no problem.

Steel cut oatmeal with maple syrup flavor? How many carbs for a serving?

Bell peppers are an odd food. The outer skin is like eating saran wrap and affects the intestines. It can clean you out, which reduces glucose reading.. HIGH fiber.

Caffeine does nothing to my bg. Back in 1974, the big "free" food was diet jello - gag me with a spoon.

When I find something free, I'm going on a binge. The binge will add everything up and my BG will be 287.

i know what you mean about free, like it you are high and want to eat without bolusing, my sons go to's are cheese sticks, celery with ranch and pickles, cucumbers are a good one to he likes them with italian dressing and tomatoes and of course diet coke! any free food can affect his bs but we catch it with a little exra bolus next meal, snack. best wishes

any thing that comes out of the sea thats edible -_-.

YeS, I forgot about fish, fish is pretty free. Usually don't need to bolus for lunchtime, it all depends on loadsa things. Water is free, yes all that yummy water. Ugh.

I've noticed that my sugar usually goes high after breakfast even with 45 carbs. My breakfast ratio is 1:10. I'm going to shoot for 30 now and hope it makes a difference. What other things do you usually have for breakfast, if you don't mind me asking?