What is your new HbA1c measurement

In the UK they have started measuring your HbA1c in millimoles per mol (mmol/mol) along your %. and from 1st of June 2011 it will be only given in mmol/mol!!

The information that I have read about it says that IFCC (international federation of clinical chemistry) has put forward this new reference measurement method after discussions with diabetes groups worldwide. It seems that this new measurement would make the HbA1C from any labaratory comparable, while the % is not.

Anyway my first new measurement is 44.2 mmol/ml

Anybody else who has their latest new HbA1C measurement and would like to share?

Btw just a table of comparison
current HbA1C % ==>New HbA1C (mmol/mol)
6.0 ==>42
7.0 ==>48
8.0 ==>64
9.0 ==>75

I’m from America, so mine is 8.6% here…so would it be 64.6 there? BTW, congrats on your A1C, sounds excellent, how long have you had diabetes?

Mine is 7.6 mg/dl

This is interesting; I had not heard about the change . I understand by reading a bit more ,after I googled, that the change is to be world wide .Indeed your (new and old ) A1C result is GREAT …

just had mine 3 weeks ago and it was 6.6…

My last one was 42 which equals 6.3.

My last 3 A1c’s has been 6.4. So that is my A1c now. I have new testing in September.

My new is 6.4 it was 8 and since my pump it has came down to my new numbers.

a bit over 14 months now…I was diagnosed when I was at 11.8% :frowning: never been below 6.0% or acc to the new standars below 42.0 though.

Meanwhile here in the UK in the past the ideal was below 6.0% and now it seems it is below 6.5%, which equals to below 46.0. Am not totally understanding why they are making the standards more flexible…

Off and on through the years I had read there would be a new way to measure our glucose averages, finally we might see it soon. Another Diabetes related news I haven’t heard of recently is the listing of the Glycemic Index on nutritional labels in the USA…haven’t read anything in quite a few years.

In the UK some food labels do say if it is GI low or not…but that is about it

Oz also list GI info. But here in USA it has long been promised but we have yet to see it.