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My glucose monitor gives me results in mg/dl. Therefore, I understand if someone writes, “My blood sugar was 33 last night,” that an ‘officially scary’ hypo was endured. However, if I read that someone clocked in at “10.1,” I really don’t have any idea what units of measurement he or she is referring to or how it converts to mg/dl.

Does anyone have a handy conversion tip for me? Oh, and along those lines… my last A1c was 8.1. How can I convert that to an average mg/dl reading?

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Here’s a simple A1C conversion:

4 - 65-99
5 - 100-134
6 - 135-169
7 - 170-204
8 - 205-239
9 - 240-274
10 - 275-309
11- 310-344
12 - 345-400

I got it from a website. Not sure about your other question… Sorry!


Thank you! That is extremely helpful. I see that my latest A1c number shows a lot of room for improvement. I’ve been working hard at managing my blood sugars and I’m looking forward to the results from my upcoming test next month!


mg to mmol - http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/bs_conv.htm

a1c conversions site


Thanks Mollie! These are things I ought to know after nearly 20 years of Type I!


You just multiply or divide by 18, so 10.1 mmol/l x 18 = 181 mg/dl and 33 mg/dl / 18 = 1.8 mmol/l

I think the A1c units are universal though, there’s no conversion for that.